Make Your Communication Effective

You want others to understand you…

When you think, others are not listening to you and that you are misunderstood, call upon the Animal Spirit Guide Cuckoo. Then the opposite person will listen to you thanks to Cuckoo. When you are praying to Cuckoo, either visualize the person or keep his photograph and then pray.

If something does not happen, to reach up to the divine time, keep Cuckoo with you. During situations, ‘So many years we are looking for a groom’, and ‘No promotion in sight’, Cuckoo will give you required patience.

Message from Cuckoo: if you sight a Cuckoo, then stop gossiping as you are talking bad about a person behind their backs.

Face any Confrontation without fear

If you expect a confrontation, take the picture of Animal Spirit Guide Crab and show it to them.

Crab helps you to quickly adapt to new situations and a new life. For newly married girl, give the picture of Crab. She will understand her husband’s family easily.

Find whether your partner is genuine or not

When you are entering into partnership or marriage, to find out whether they are genuine or not, take the picture of crow with you.

A business offer comes, you want to know whether it is good to accept it or not. Animal Spirit Guide Crow will help you to figure it out. Keep its picture in the pocket till you take the decision.

Write the name of the bride, draw a circle over it, and write the word Crow around it. She will invite the right partner.

Message from Crow: if you sight a crow in an unusual circumstance then something good and big will happen to you.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I read about Cuckoo but i can’t understand what is cuckoo. Is it a dog?
    and one more thing i want to know. i seen one dream many times that many fishes and lizard jumped over me from up to down or down to up. That time i was wake up and my dream was broken. and i always thing that i m getting less from what i am doing.

  2. release all the past fears and worries. This is the message of Lizard. jut sit on the chair. visualise a rope from you anus going down deep into earth. Then think about the past events just go on saying, I release this; i release this.” when you think, you hve completed, thank the mother earth and pull the rope into yourself.

  3. I want to quit college and job but my parents are forcing me to go to college so I want to make them tell me that I could drop college and quit job so I want to know which animal guide can help me quit college and job.

  4. i mailed you. open your mail box and read.

  5. Respected Sir,
    i am yet to get news letters. please mail me the news letters or do i need to register. Kindly tell me if there is any manthra or animal spirit guide for some unknown anxiety tension or fear in ones heart. and also anithing to be done to keep our environment free from toxic chemicals
    Thanking you

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