Wolf My Pal

My wife won’t listen to me. Neither my child would listen to me. However, the animal spirit guide Wolf will do that.

Every day in the morning, I talk to the Animal Spirit Guide Wolf first. I tell it what I am going to do that day and ask it to help me manage those affairs.

One day I had to talk to my parents. I was expecting some arguments, which I wanted to avoid. Therefore, I requested Wolf to go and speak to them on my behalf first, before I reach there.

When I reached my parents’ house, I need not take any extra efforts to convince them. Somehow, they seem to understand my side of the story, without me convincing them in any way.

 So, folks I want you to know that I never handle anything in my life without seeking the help of my pal, the animal spirit guide Wolf. In addition, I carry his picture in my purse.

 As told by Venky


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir, what to do to sale a flat..which is long pending and we are in need of funds anyhow. we need to have the flat sold at good price, however being it on the top floor, the buyers are hesitating to purchase it..

    thank you,


  2. vikram,

  3. Dear Sir,
    Please advise me for getting the House for rent with in our budget & it should be our choice .


  4. Nayana,
    chant cerato mimulus find divine house

  5. thank you sir, for your prompt reply, i need good price also for our flat..can i ask animal spirit’s help then which to pray for?? it is too odd condition due to lack of inflow of funds from business since last six months..pls. do suggest some sure shot remedy..



  6. Sir,

    I am getting lama’s in my dreams often what is the meaning of it.


  7. sai ram naran sir from last one month i see lizards in my dreams,baby lizards as well shedding shin like snakes.pls help me to understand.

    i have another problem having cyst in my right arm near the arm pit which pains only on touch..and while sleeping sometimes my fingers or arm goes numb sometimes left,sometimes right. im epileptic too.pls suggest some remedy


  8. anu
    release all your worries. that is the message of dream
    take CALC.PHOS MAG.PHOS KALI PHOS . these are bio salts available in homeopathy shops. Buy them in 6X potency put three tables each in hot water have mall sips from that water every two hours. This if for your numbness.

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