Don’t Get Stuck Up in the Past! Instead Move Forward!!!

Move forward

Seeing Lizards everywhere dropping from ceiling on desk, seeing three lizards transformed into a person who died few days back. Lizards come from anywhere in front what does this indicate and what is the solution remedy for such things.


 “Release your fears and move forward” is the message of lizard for you. When you see lizard, just pray to it. Send your love to it.

Release the Past

I seen one dream many times that many fishes and lizard jumped over me from up to down or down to up. That time I was wake up and my dream was broken. And, I always think that I m getting less from what I am doing.


Release all the past fears and worries”. This is the message of Lizard for you.  Do the following exercise to release your past worries and fears:

  1.        Just sit on the chair.
  2.        Visualize a rope from you anus going down deep into earth.
  3.        Then think about the past events just go on saying,” I release this. I release this.”
  4.        When you think, you have completed, thank the mother earth and pull the rope into yourself.


How much we garbage we dump into Mother Earth. Yet she takes it without any complaint. Likewise, she will take your worries and fears and transmute them. Let us all chant the bija mantras to express our thanks for her: “OM LUM NAMAHA OM VUM NAMAHA OM RUM NAMAHA OM YUM NAMAHA OM HUM NAMAHA”


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. radha narayanan

    I have been stuck in personnal and public life for 4 years.My health is deteriorating.iam unable to secure a good job.Unable to pray or meditate succesfully.Please let me know a way out.

    • radha narayanan
      take the flower remedies GENTIAN HORNBEAM three pills of each four times a day.

  2. radha narayanan

    Thanks sir.where can i get these pills? are these two or one only.

  3. Sir,
    These bach flower remedies available in homeopathy shop of any brand are ok. Or do you suggest any particular brand. Please confirm.

  4. Roopa
    any brand is ok

  5. hi sir, im new to dis blog.I have lots of personal probs..I have faced so many insults from very small age.I thought if i get married it wil change.But further to that he is even more insulting.he listens to his mom and insults me a lot.he has told ugly things abt me to his friends.Further he insults my parents also.After all this i have become very angry and depressed which i show all this on my 1 1/2 yr old son.So pl help me suggesting a mantra to stay balanced and happy.Also i want my husband and mother-in-law to feel sorry for what they did.Pl help me..

  6. meera

  7. I found this mantra few years ago I used to be heal for a serious illness. The meaning i found is different. Explain please to clarify. Tks

  8. In my house also i see so many lizards moving inside the house . every where in kitchen platform, table, teapoy in the hall walls every where in the house but does not disturb me or come in my dream i tried so many methods to get rid of it. what does it mean. how can i get it out of my house? Any switchword or mantra is there ?

  9. Respected sir namaskar, my name is ruchi sahay. I am a 43 years old .sir! last week I have diagnosed uterus fibroid that size are very big. now a days I am feeling very low and depressed also …so please give me some advice. …

  10. Sir,

    This is a query re my son. He is bright, MBBS doctor, fell into bad company, had a roller coaster journey in medical college, has now come out of the bad company and bad habits, but feels sad about the way he has wasted his opportunities and made a mess of his life. The hospital where he is working are impressed with him and his abilities as a doctor. But this is the 5th time he is applying for a PG seat. Please tell me some mantra that will help him succeed this time.

    He now goes to Hanuman and Subramanya temple on Saturdays.

    Thank you,

  11. usha ,
    Chant “Gorse Impatiens Scleranthus”
    call Wolf to help your son

  12. Sir,

    Thank you. Can I continue to say my regular prayers along with this?

    Sorry …. I have too many doubts.


  13. Usha
    u can continue any of your prayers along with us,……….there is no such restriction

  14. Thank you, Sir.


  15. Sir,

    I had written about my older son yesterday. We have two sons. Older a doctor and the other an almost qualified actuary and my older daughter in law who is a doctor. I want to chant a mantra for them to be mentally and physically well and healthy and safe, to be good human beings and to be successful in all their endeavours, realize their dreams and reach great heights in their careers.

    Thank you,


  16. Thank you. Yes, I worry too much about them.


  17. To respected naran sir namaskar, you have many times helped to me, so I am very grateful to you…sir my husband are facing a severe psoriasis problem last 23 years long, he had taken so many treatment but he has not well.So please sir give him some suitable treatment and mantra…Thanks

  18. To respected naran sir namaskar, you have many times helped to me, so I am very grateful to you…sir my husband are facing a severe psoriasis problem last 23 years long, he had taken so many treatment but he has not well.So please sir give him some suitable treatment and mantra…Thanks

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