Money Success

Remove financial worries

To overcome any financial worries KING FISHER will help. If one has financial worries he has to meditate on King Fisher then worry will go off and finance will come.

Too much financial worries, even though you have enough money in your hands: SQUIRREL

Money is over before end-of-month

Whenever you want money you can call KING FISHER. Especially, during last week of the month when you worry about providing for the family, or during school season/college admission, call upon King Fisher to manage the financial requirements.

Cut down Unwanted expenses or money is over by 10th: SQUIRREL

Couldn’t save money at all

When you think that there is no savings you look at the picture of CAMEL.

CHIMPANZEE can also be used to save money.

RAT: when you have the desire to save more and more

Insufficient income

When you think that your income is insufficient, lack of money, then you can meditate on CRANE and you will get money as much as you need.

Plenty of abundance

FROG represents abundance. For plenty and abundance seek its help.

KANGAROO: when you believe in lack (don’t believe in abundance). To make the business progress by leaps and bounds kangaroo will help.

No shortage of funds

CRANE is also for abundance. So you can paste the picture of Crane in the south-west corner facing north in the house so that you will not have the feeling of lack in the house. That is there will not be shortage of funds. While meditating of Crane one has to shift his attitude to “Attitude of Gratitude”. Crane will always gives money, so you always think about the past where you had sufficient money, and keep thanking for those good events that have taken place in your life.

Nobody can cheat you

If you have CROCODILE picture with nobody can manipulate or cheat you. Many come for a donation. If you have a crocodile picture then persons who are not genuine will not come to you for a donation.

Come out of tight financial situation

PYTHON: it will also release the financial tightness.

HORSE for any tight financial situation where your earnings are restricted

To start earning money, and there will be no financial problem as somehow you will get money: SQUIRREL

You can carry the photo of PYTHON to manage to hospital expenditure. 


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi sir, my husband needs money for business.There r soo many opportunities but v r in lack of funds right nw. His request fr CC is also postpond.which animal spirt to cal in tis situation sir?

  2. sathya
    pray to WOLF

  3. Res. Sir,

    my friend has lost his mobile phone , it was very costly and there was very important data in it. Sir, please give some Batch Flower remedy and Animal spirit guide remedy to get his mobile back
    Thanking you in advance,


    • Vihar,
      chant ROCKWATER, ROCKROSE, CHESTNUTBUD, GORSE. Write the names in a piece of paper and ask him to keep that paper in his pocket. While sleeping, he can keep the paper under his pillow.

  4. Sir,
    Which animal spirit i should call if i want any official inquiry result in my favour.Because of that enquiry so much dues are stuck with govt department which I need urgently and as soon as possible.

  5. jennifer,
    call WOLF

  6. Sir,

    My name is vani. I am trying to buy a land and settle in coimbatore and my husband try to buy land and settle in his own village where my child and i dont like to as that is a rural area with no basic facilities . Pls give me a switch word i can chant so that he gets convinced and like to settle in coimbatore itself


  7. vani

  8. Dear Naran Sir
    I read through your blog “Animal Spirit Guide” wonderful and amazing. This really will help me to release my pile up loads that was stock up and pressure me all this while. My problem is how should i call them for help in my below situation :
    -For peace and harmony – my husband use to nag for patty things the moment he gets home and this really annoy kids and me.
    -Don’t want to have problem inside family how to call upon Blue Whale and Chimpanzee
    -To make kids listen to parents
    -Having tight financial at home. How to call Phyton and horse and to get money for Squirrel.
    -My husband going to start Weilding training center and computer very soon, hope for good income through this business.

    Thank you so much.

  9. Chadra Jobai
    “Blue whale, be here in the house with me and my husband and establish harmony here.” say this once daily. or when the conflict arises. you can say this again and again also

  10. Dear Naran Sir

    Thank you so much for your reply on 24.02.2012.
    Well sir, what is the call method or word for help if we need from each animal spirit.

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Dear Naran,

    Can an individual use KANGAROO?
    Use in buisness is citied above.

    Thanks in advance !!

  12. Grace
    yes you can

  13. Dear Naran

    Thank you so much for the divine help which is working slowly for me. I will call upon “Blue Whale” once a day as per your advise, trust me it’s helping us.

    Thank you so much.

  14. Dear Naran sir

    I dream of fish maybe it was gold fish in orange colour, i was letting go the fish in an aquarium but the fish seems don’t like it and forcing itself jumping out and manage to escape fall on the ground but i catch back with the net. What is this indicate.

    Yesterday for the first time i meditate upon Crane but i dream Swan, alot. What is this indicate.

    Thank you in advance sir

  15. Dear Sir NAranji
    My friends need help with sw animal flower gem remedy for her two son who always demand parents for their pocket money.father has to take loan from others to fullfill their greed otherwise they make havoc in house.what best advice can you suggest to her even if working with energy circle she would do.Thanks guide us with your miraculous switchwords and remedies,
    Thank you for helping sir.

  16. SNM
    your friend has to meet me in person.

  17. Sir As her Mother inlaw has expired recently she wont be able to go and meet you.Do you come to Pune anytime sir?Just help her she need help. Kindly suggest sw or any method of their healings.Thanks

  18. Mahabir Singhal

    Respected Mr. Naran
    Please suggest some remedy for Financial Abundance and Peace.

    Mahabir Singhal

  19. Mahabir Singha
    chant \AGRIMONY FIND COUNT DIVINE and be silent (mounam) in the morn ing for 30 minutes and in the evening 30 minutes.

    • Mahabir Singhal

      Respected Mr. Naran
      Thanks for the Guidance .
      Pls tell for how many times should i chant
      AGRIMONY FIND COUNT DIVINE . and after chanting i should be silent for 30 mins.

  20. Dear Naran Sir

    I have a fear going to my sister in law house becaue whenever we plan to go there we will have arguement before going. I notice personally few times due to that my husban stop going to her sister house. Kindly advise what should i chant before going there.

    What should i chant to get good wellcome or VIP treatment if i were to attend any function.

    Thank you so much Sir.

  21. CJ
    to escape from the atmosphere of arugument chant AGRIMONY WALNUT CONCEDE TINY.


  22. Just wanted to learn sir that why as per astrology n vastu the photo,image or idol of elephant and camel is restricted in the house??we were told to remove frames n showpieces of camel n elephant n we did it……don’t know whether this helped or not…..hv a series of issues which I want to take up soon……thank you and waiting for a revert……

  23. Naran sir…….waiting for your reply…..!!

  24. Naran Ji,Shobna Ji
    My friend is posting adds online for income.please tell powerful switch words for her (she is going to chant herself) so that income may be increased and she can work from home.

  25. Dear Naran sir,pls advice on how to get back harmony between us siblings,me,my brother and my sister,both younger to me.Both of them are very irresponsible towards their own lives and my brother’s marital life is not at all good and my sister refuses to marry.she infact is attached to a married man with a child.Both my brother and sister are very disrespectful towards my parents……..pls sir,help us…….!!!! Waiting for a revert…..

  26. Most respected Naranji,thank you so much…..hv started chanting…just wanted to know how times can this be chanted….also what mantra,switch words can be chanted for overall peace,prosperity,wisdom n good health in a Clear Divine the apt switch words for weightloss due hypothyroidism…..pls adv.
    Also would love to meet you in person… you also visit gurgaon or Delhi or hv a centre here…..??
    Awaiting your response…..thank you…

    • rashmi,
      for the last 20 days i am in gurgaon. i will be here till 15th of June.chant bija mantras OM LAM NAMAHA, OM VAM NAMAHA, OM RAM NAMAHA OM YAM NAMAHA OM HAM NAMAHA.
      This can help overall peace,prosperity,wisdom n good health in a family.
      thyroid together be alone will be helpful for hypothyroidism

  27. dear naran, yesterday a Squirrel happen to come inside my house.It almost went to all corners of my house not knowing the way to escape.Then finally it jumped out of the bedroom window after i opened it.Please note that i feed that squirrel everyday in my balcony,but i dont know what made it come into my house yesterday.I was so surprised.Though it was scared it went around the house.

    Please could you tell me what does it indicate Sir..

  28. savitha,
    start saving money. or invest.

  29. dear naranji
    i want to get rid of all my loans,pls help me..
    i have a clinic,i want it to progress well and want to be always busy with patients,,and sucessfull treatments.pls help me

  30. indhumathi,
    chant TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE PATEINTS TODAY AND EVERYDAY. you can write this daily in a notebook.
    write MUSTARD PINK TOURMALINE in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
    Take the flower remedy REDCHESTNUT daily one dose before going to the clinic

  31. Hello Sir, my issue is that i want to study abroad for my higher studies but due to financial constraints its not possible.
    Please Help me!

  32. sir….how to do squirrel remedy….I am not able to generate regular income…also I have debts….pls advice…..regards

  33. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website He will not reply your questions here. Naran answers your questions on REACHNARAN.COM. Best of luck.

  34. Dear Sir
    Please help me ,first of all my husband is jobless,help me get him a job abroad,secondly i dont have any peace of mind in my in laws house give me a solution to get out from there.

  35. Can you suggest wat to chant or do so that pregnancy goes smooth n ideas error a healthy child, I am in third month of pregnancy

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