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My husband handles a lot of our home and business management issues and he often feels overwhelmed by too many problems and responsibilities that just land on him and drag on forever.

Nobody else seems to take any responsibility or do anything competently. He feels he is always putting out fires and not having time to move forward. Are there any switch words or remedies I could use on his behalf?


  1. Keep a picture of King Fisher under his pillow.
  2. When anybody is overwhelmed with work there are two remedies in Bach flowers. They are ELM and OAK. Write his name and circle. Draw one more concentric circle and write these flowers. Daily see them and read them.
  3. You can use switch words RELEASE RESISTANCE COUNT MOVE ON. Chant or write them on your husband’s behalf.


King Fisher: is a bird. It will help anyone find new sources of money

Elm: will make you handle multiple things at the same time – like for example, organizing a wedding, where you need to be multi-tasking

Oak: work smarter and get your things done

Release Resistance: After making several efforts, the desired results are not accomplished. It means there is internal resistance in us, which stops us from achieving our objectives.

Count: to get the money you require

Move: to move forward in life and not stuck up in the current situation

On: no stagnation (remember the expression here: MOVE ON)

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi,
    Right now I am working with one good reputed e-commerce company since 4.5 years,from the inception of the company. Putting much efforts and skills. Wanted to have good earnings. How to increase income and position in the company? Please help me to achieve good results

  2. Sir!
    When we go to buy expensive items like Gold,precious stones etc..any remedy to get correct price to know if we are getting genuine things??Also in day to day life how to avoid from getting cheated by shop keepers who inflate prices/cheat without our knowledge.
    Kind regards

  3. alamelu iyengar
    write in a piece of paper CHICORY CENTAURY ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD and keep it with you when you do shopping. chant also while buying.

  4. naran sir!
    Thanks a million.

  5. omsairam

    Good evening sir. uday subashs friend in chennai here hope you rembr me (Shirdi prasadam) before you left to delhi. Sir my mom has misplaced some fixed deposit recipt which she is been searching for a long time. today i told her to write ceantro find divine fd recipts is that ok and eep it under her pillow , she is quite tensed. please advice.

    simallrly u adviced me on roc rose and milimunus for my shaing problem only a very littlte diffence is there hope to meet you once you are back or any advice on that.


  6. uday
    YES i remember you well. You gave three pockets of UDHI. For misplacement chant REACH DIVINE Since she is tensed, Give her Rockrose and or Rescue Remedy plus Gorse.
    For you take take MIMULUS ROCKROSE CHERRYPLUM each separately.

  7. Dear Sir,

    My husband is giving only part amount to me which is not sufficient for running family. He is earning sufficient but giving only part amount only. Please help by some remedies to get sufficient money from him which i expect.

  8. dear sir,

    since the time i got married 5yrs ago till date i am finding it extremely difficult and tough to lead a life with her, coz she is highly doubtfull by nature, very arrogant, highly short tempered, she is un-control able, could you please come to my rescue to find a solution or remedy to get rid of this girl from my life, coz she has reached saturation point and no way she can change herself. pls help me immediately.

  9. mahesh
    chant HOLLY(to align yourslef with the flow of divine love from your female side within) STAR OF BETHLEHEM(to change the previous beliefs, opinions,impressions)

  10. what the meaing of walnut?

  11. Dear Sir,

    My husband is giving only part amount to me which is not sufficient for running family. He is earning sufficient but giving only part amount only. Please help by some remedies to get sufficient money from him which i expect.

  12. santhana

  13. Dear Naran, I have noticed yes Kingfisher brings opportunities but how to capture and maintain the right opportunity?

  14. Grace,
    When we catch the opportunity, it should be a right one. To make any opportunity a right one, chant LARCH HONEYSUCKLE REACH DIVINE ORDER

    • Dear Naran, I have been doing all of these healings and its true as I have said somethings are dramatically improving. Dispite the improvements I am feeling worse than ever. I feel hopeless because it seems something always gets worse and that I cannot sustain all of the problems that come my way. I am weary and hopeless that I will have a good/joyous life. I also feel very alone in my endeavors. I am not sure what else to do. It’s starting to feel pointless.

  15. Grace,
    ask yourself “what should I do differently? How diiferent should i aproach this? Is this feeling empowering me or disempowering me?
    if it empowers i will go ahead. If disempowering, how will i change this into a good feeling?
    Something always gets worse? or i think it worse? You can never alter anything outside. you have to change internally.
    some improvement means some internal change has happened in some areas. some worse things means internal change has not happend in some areas.These issues are to be viewed and handled differently.

    If a deer was pounced upon by a tiger in the day time, it would have flighted out of terror and escaped. But no animal would think in the night what happened previously. The moment it escaped, the fear would go and the next day it would go to the same place.

    It is the thinking process which spoils us. Dont analyse the events. When you analyse and think it worse, you feel sad and stop proceeding to work differently.
    Every result is an event. if the result is not to our expectation, the approach is wrong.
    The message is “Do it differetently and try.”
    Write WHITECHESTNUT (to come out of worry) and GORSE (to become hopeful again) in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

  16. good afternoon sir,
    I need ur help again sir, actually after 2-3 months my elder brother is going to get married. But as he is not providing any financial support to my parents, (my first quesn was related to this only sir for which I am trying to do ur prescribed solution). they have to manage all the expenses themselves. and we are just an avg middle class family. there are loads of expenditures that my father is trying to manage. but still we are at short of funds severely. sir on one side my father want to make it a grand function coz its first big happiness celebration in our family, and on other side he is too much upset at the short of funds. from last too months I have heard his tense voice only ( I can’t reach them coz I m studying at Punjab and they are in delhi). sir, there is lot more that I can tell but the only thing I want to say is plz sir suggest some way so that he could get success in arranging funds. my father invests in commodity share business but he is getting loss there too. I want to help my father sir. plz sir plz help. your effective suggestions are my only hope sir. I am trying

  17. Am 40 years old & employed in Aviation Industry & am looking for better job with good salary package and position…am also frustrated with my health issues as am highly stressed with current job. Please help…!

  18. Hello Naran Sir
    Since I got married 5 years ago I m facing financial problems. We are on rented house .my husband is not earning well.He is also facing problems in job no salary hike no promotion. He deserves but not getting any better job.
    He has issues with his father also. As his father is not supporting him at all.
    Most of the property he had given to his elder son.
    Plz Sir.I want my own house.
    Plz guide me . How my husband will get his rights from his parents property.
    His job n career n Financial Problem.
    Plz guide me sir

  19. namaste naran sir ! i am a middle class person . with lot of efforts i purchased two small plots( to construct a house). but both are in court cases . the seller(realtor) cheated us. i badly need money as i have debts to clear. i would like toi sell both plots which are in court now. kindly help me to clear all court cases and get it sold early.very much worrying regarding this. please help me .what to chant..

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