Manage your Bosses and Coworkers tactfully

Being tactful is the need of the hour

Seek FOX when thinking or being tactful is the need of the hour (tandrama pesanum – speak smartly) and you need to be diplomatic; you have to make your point and at the same time the other person should not get angry but understand you.

It’s especially helpful for advocates.

Handling those who criticizes you

Someone criticizes and attacks you verbally. To maintain your distance and space; make the criticizing person leave you seek HARE.

Facing an interview

To gather all resources for an interview, when you are not prepared for it and therefore you worry about it: SQUIRREL


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran, I have another incredible turn around for you. I want to preface this by saying I have also been using the circle technique to utilize a set of Bach flowers you gave me for releasing old fears and securing a new job. I have also been writing down some of the mantras from you site so I have been close to healing vibes if you will. In any case I have been in a serious conflict with my boyfriend for a few days – the culmination of a little over a year of disagreement. I have explained to him again and again my views and why I have been upset with him. For this entire time I have not felt listened to you. Growing desperate yesterday I just remembered blue whale. I asked Blue whale to help resolve the situation because I felt I couldn’t let it go without being understood. It was too frustrating. Over the next few hours he SUDDENLY started actually listening and understanding what I have been saying. Many things were cleared up! This does not mean we have decided to continue our relationship necessarily but there is such peace for me in knowing I am not doomed to always be unheard. he also was able to express to me several things which were on his mind. Thank you blue whale! Thank you Naran.

  2. okay. I will do!

  3. I did Agrimony and I developed a cough that resulted in laryngitis. I think now I know I want to leave my bf but I am also very attached to what is not a very good relationship. I was cured after a week and then the next time I saw him developed the same cough again! I am afraid of what he might do if we are not together/badmouthing me to my friends making my reputation worse, I also maybe through Agrimony discovered I had deeply buried my feelings for another person. I feel very strongly for this other person and feel so compelled to tell him. A few years ago I had this same feeling but I felt it was selfish to do so. This has brought a lot of heartache. I want to be a single woman for now. Then maybe later pursue this other person because I feel that’s where my heart is even though I tried my best to not have those feelings. Please help.

    • Dear Naran, Do you have any comment for yhe above? Its ok if no.

      • Grace,
        please tell me more frankly what you want. you have just described what happened. what is inference? what is your thought going through the emotion? what is that you want?

        • Thank you for your response Naran. I can see now how dis-empowered I have been behaving, thinking and feeling. I felt like i should continue to say Agrimony so that I might have a better handle on what has been going on my mind.

          What I want is to be with a specific person. But at the same time I feel like it may be impossible. Its like wanting it and not wanting it at the same time.

          With Agrimony I went into weeping for almost a whole day. there was without my knowing a deep sadness and confusion over this person not being near and having to work too much.

          I have been clearing many blocks using your cut the neural path strategy. I feel a profound difference. The main obstacle was self doubt. there is a small feeling that I might be punished for wanting to heal myself but I think this maybe a trick of my mind to stop progress. Thank you sincerely for the huge gift you give all of s by writing and for taking your time.

  4. gRACE,
    Allow anything to happen. just watch the thoughts. they come and go. do not resist.

  5. Animal spirits are so very wonderful,after reading through naran sir blogs I call wolf whenever I am in trouble and they helped me

  6. ya wolf is my best friend. he takes me to office and gets me back safely. he books my bus tickets. he takes me home all the way from bangalore to hyderabad everytime. i love him. he is the trustworthy friend. even my internet works fine with his name..thankyou wolf.

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