Manage Your Work and Assignments Successfully

Call upon Animal Spirit Guide TORTOISE, when you want to give up a project – maybe it’s too complicated to complete and you become desperate to finish. The equivalent Switch Words are SLOW CARE.

Manage your work

SQUIRREL can help you to organize and execute your work. You will find the time to do it. You will be able to split up your work in such a way, that you will complete them by bits and pieces.


For creativity in the film world, CHIMPANZEE will work.

Resources to achieve your goal

At work, if you think there is no promotion in sight, CUCKOO will give you the required patience to achieve your goal.

Handling a difficult task

When you are heavily burdened, finding it difficult to do the job on hand, see the picture of EMU

Getting co-operation

When you need cooperation from others especially for computer professionals, chant HORSE and (Bach Flower Remedy) WILLOW

If in a factory the workers are not working properly, you can hang the photo of the WOLF there.

Managing your superiors

INDIAN CUCKOO: In government offices where the higher-ups pressurize too much the lower staff, to handle them by lower rank people, this bird will help.

Project Management

RABBIT also helps to complete all projects in time.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Good Morning. Pet animals like Cat, Dog, Hen, Rooster, Dove, Sparrow, Love Birds, Parrot are animal spirits. Please clarify. If so, what problems it can be used.

  2. My husband boss is playing negative part in my husband promotion and trying to defame his name though my husband is number one at his job.but his boss behaviour with him is giving so much stress in our life.i want to chant powerful switch words for my husband so that
    he may get divine boss who could recognize his hardworking nature
    and my husband should be out of stress and become a winner and
    can gat his overdue promotion.


  3. Hazuki
    chant WATERVIOLET HOLLY IMPATIENS HORNBEAM . Write these names in a piece of paper and ask your husband to keep it in his pocket.

  4. I have been seriously procrastinating in the office due to my heart no longer being I the work I am doing. I really wanted to get my work done . To clean up so that I can feel comfortable moving on to a better more suitable location. No matter what sort of affirmation or pushing I did to myself. I would waste time. I even got sick for a week I believe as a way to escape the office. I felt compassion for myself because I know I am a good worker and that this is happening because I have ignored myself wanting to leave too many times. It was a self protest if you will. The situation was becoming problematic though because I was running out of excuses as to why certain items have not yet been completed. I tried to use the circle technique with the Bach flowers Oak, Hornbeam and Elm. I still was not able to get any work done and instead spent my time looking at my astrology and in resolving other personal issues (these issues are important too but work is not the right place!) Finally, something reminded me to go check out Narran’s animal suggestions. I was thinking of an animal other than horse but I couldn’t remember what Naran had said. I want everyone to know EMU is the animal that will help you defeat procrastination IMMEIDATLY. I saw a picture of Emu and laughed! After that the work became necessary to do. It went from a chore to just simply the next thing I am going to do…no problem. I am a bit more light hearted and finished something that should have been done 3 weeks ago in less than 30 mins. I am sure Emu will continue to help me until I get to the very end of my to do list. Thank you EMU. Thank you Naran. Thank you God!


  6. Sir!
    I have had good success with FIND DIVINE ORDER when travelling ,also to a certain extent in my work.Sometimes i get stuck in my work and cannot find a solution then sometimes it does’nt work.any alternative switch word to not lose hope & carry on the work as usual??
    Kind Regards

  7. radha,
    when you get “stuck” up, it is a different state. At that time,THE mind may forget. In other words, it is a tendency of the mind not to retrive at the right time, but later on you may find.There is another possibility. Tell me wheher the mind goes blank suddenly in the midst of work.It is better if you tell what type of work you are doing what is the exact problem?what do you mean by “solution” ?

  8. My friend Ashok is having skin allergy problem. Exactly to say if anybody hold his skin in a pressured manner, his skin will become reddish and the redness stays for 2 to 3 days on the skin. Pl. suggest some remedy for him.

  9. Sir!
    I am working as a radiologist in a private hospital.Sometimes when we do guided procedures and the procedure is not going correctly,i get dejeected and start to chant Find divine order to find the correct way works not allways& i have to take some body’s help and finish the procedure.I feel bad that i cant do things independently then.

  10. RADHA,
    CHANT waterviolet oak chestnutbud find divine order

  11. Thanks a lot sir!!

  12. Hello Sir,

    My memory is getting bad day by day. and sometimes I forget where I have keep the things or papers. After reading your article on animal spirit, I have found many times solution by calling the animal spirit of wolf. And it has worked for me. It gives me the link where the thing/paper could be.

    I am going through your blog at least 4-5 days (at least for few minutes ) every week. Another incident since last 15-20 days I was not able to open your blog in office , reason being virus attack on your pc like that. this monday I was travelling to office in bus I was thinking what to do and somehow I remembered the WOLF. Same day, at office I just tried and I could read your blog.

    Thanks to you, Thanks to Wolf.


  13. Dear Sir,


    Sir i sleep talk , i talk in the sleep ,i live the same day in my sleep also . i am very unhappy with this i am not having full sleep and i feel exausted and i have that hangover the next morning also,and my sleep talk irritates my husband alot as most of the times i wake him up in sleep or he wakes-up with this disturbance. kindly help me with swtich words mantra’s , or animal spirits . i have this habbit since childhood.

    Thankyou sir

  14. sree,
    take the flower remedies whitechestnut aspen walnut crab apple. put 5 pills of each in a cup of water and have it before sleep.

  15. Thankyou Naran sir, together divine and thanks divine sir.

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