Settling Down

Whenever we visit a foreign country or when somebody is settling down in a new job, the Animal Spirit Guide CAMEL will help him to settle.

Settle down in a new place – totally a new circumstance, for example, a bride moving to her in-laws place, with assistance of CAMEL, can handle those difficult circumstances calmly.

Somebody didn’t settle in a job, and some are unable to settle down in life. They can call upon the Animal Spirit Guide CAMEL.

To adapt to a new place: FROG.

Feeling isolated

For people who feel isolated, when one says that he cannot make friends in the new environment, have a picture of ELEPHANT and meditate upon that and keep it under the pillow then you will make friends.

RAT will help one to adjust to a new place and new environment.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran Ji,

    Good Evening. I gone through your Blog and all topics are very interesting and good. I am in a rented house and facing many problems. I want to purchase a flat of my own on loan basis. But my husband is not co-operating. I am earning less only. So with his co-operation financially and physically only i can do this. not only my husband’s co-operation my in-laws co-operation is also required. please suggest some remedies to change my husband’s and in laws mind to purchase a flat of our’s. Awaiting your reply.


  2. Dear Sir,
    My mother is not alive. But she is coming in my dream frequently. I don’t know what she is conveying to me. while she was bed-ridden i helped her to some extent. but at last moment she was unconscious for a week and didn’t speak anything. three years has passed away. but now coming in my dreams. morning also she is giving coffee to me in my dream. in real life she is no more. but still i am lagging for my mother. what is the meaning of this dream. please help me.


    • chant WALNUT (to break the link) cHICORY (to overcome love pangs.) 100 times daily for 21 days.
      You need not attach any meaning to this,

  3. Sir in your posts, you have given a mantra- is it Guru Guhan or Gugan? Kindly clarify. I am chanting the first one 500 times a day, for at least 2 weeks but no change. Maybe I am using the wrong words.
    Thank you for your help.

  4. animal spirit guide for having a loving relationship with your love , without any fights …

  5. Dear Sir,

    I got married in 2005. Undergoing treatment for child. I am a working woman. i should continue my job after child birth also, because I am from a low middle class family only. But I am not living in a joint family with in -laws. after child birth i have planned to leave my child in creche and continue my job. everything i plan should work out correctly without any difficulties. i.e conceive baby naturally and also give birth to a healthy, charming, intelligent baby. also should succeed in my professional life. please suggest remedies for the same.


  6. zeeba
    wolf and blue whale.

  7. Dear sir,What is the bach flower remedy and mantra for lower back pain in the bone?My son is having it. He finds it difficult to change the position easily.
    Thank you sir.

  8. Dear Sir,

    Good Evening. I am living with my better half like room met, friends only. i.e. he is sharing his amount only little to me and balance to his parents. not interested to come out with me and not even partcipating in relegious vows etc., for everything coming with his parents only. married before 5 years but no honey moon till date. rest of the things ok. but spending more time to devotion, work, parents, etc., and spending less time to me. i love him so much. i want him to spend more time with me. i.e going out atleast a month. celebrating all good days grandly. like that. please help me and suggest animal spirit to make him spend more time with me by going out like shopping, park, temple, mother’s house, relatives house etc.,

    Eagerly waiting your reply.


  9. Sir,sorry but i did not understand ‘comment awaiting moderation”.Sp i am asking again remedy for my son’s lower back pain.He cannot change position easily.

  10. Dear Sir,

    Good Morning. I want my husband to stay near my mother’s house because I am the elder daughter of my family. I have one younger brother who is married. now iam staying some kilometres away from my parents (not so near). my mother is not alive. brother’s family is there with my father. i am also not leaving with my in-laws. so i need my husband to stay near my mother’s house. but my husband and in laws are not co-operating. please suggest remedies to change their attitude and to co-operate with me to stay near my mother’s house.


    • yoga
      The husband should think that you have positive concern for him. What is the advantage for him to be near your mother’s house? Why shoul he agree?

      • Dear Sir,
        Advantage is for me only because i am taking care of all house hold responsibilities. he will not even lift a pin from the house. if iam not feeling well also i am suffering a lot. my in laws and he will not help. i have to get help from my brother only. All the above if i am near my mother’s house, we will be benefited more because some house hold responsibilities will be shared. myself and my brother all are living in rented house. we have a plot for construction of our own house. if he co-operates we all will be living together in our own house and all will be benefited. i am a working woman hence getting more tensed in the morning hours.if my in laws are co-operative with me i will not think like this. but they are money minded. these are the reasons for staying near my mother’s house.Please help.


  11. Dear Sir,

    Doctor has prescribed medicines for my husband to increase and strengthen the semen countings for child birth. i have planned to consult doctor after three months only because i am waiting to get conceive naturally. now he is refusing to continue the tablets prescribed. he want me to consult and get a fresh tablet. but i am waiting for another three months to get everything naturally. please suggest some remedies me to chant on behalf on him to increase and strengthen his semen. i will chant on behalf of him. Please help.


  12. Naran Sir
    This is regarding my parental house where we lived almost 28 year.that house is in a street where no other family lives .we were single more house in neighborhood is being used for commercial purpose.opposite our house one big plot is there which is being sold third time but no body constructs for living purpose.earlier there was used to be a factory but now it is demolished.
    My mother goes to that house once in a week.we always want that there should be some construction like houses in that empty plot where Good neighbours should that if from our family some one wants to live their he can live happily or if my mother wants to sell house in future it will increase value of that property also.our that house is south facing plus shermukhi but it is centre of city where all amenities are nearby.
    Please tell magic switch words so that good neighborhood should be there,good construction in that empty plot.So that if our family wants to live in that house they should prosper ( south faced plus shermukhi house is not considered good).
    At present we only want good neighbors in that unconstructed plot.


    • Jaya
      all of you chant SURYANARAYNAM LAKSHMINARAYANAM daily 100 times.
      Write CONCEDE CLEAR FIND DIVINE NEIGHBOURS in a notebook 51 times.

  13. Naran ji
    Living in foreign,want to settle financially as well as mentally in a place where I feel isolated. For financial settlement I do not feel like doing effort as I am stuck with my past.
    Some known person has given me advise to enter in insurance industry by taking a licence.i have to clear a exam by reading and understanding almost 300 page book.subject is totally new for problem is before even opening the book I feel like Can I do it.
    But I really want to study but scared.
    Want divine switch words for new beginning in carreras and understanding insurance field and clear the exam.
    Thanks and regards

  14. Dear Sir,
    For Middle Class people gold is a good investment. because during financial crisis we can make it as cash immediately. hence please suggest some switch words to save gold.


  15. Naran ji
    I was just curious can we print images of flowers (which are used for harmony pack),frame it and hang on home wall?

  16. yoga
    chant ASPEN HOLLY for 300 times.

  17. Dear Sir,

    I am living in a compounded rented house which has seven portions. In a portion a mentally retarded girl is there and doing some unwanted things. I want to move from this house to a good one. But my husband is not co-operating. I want to move from here with his co-operation. Please help.


  18. Dear Sir,

    I am not able to tolerate the hot sun. feeling like face and body is burning. please suggest remedies for the same.


  19. ponselvi
    Take the flower remedies walnut and Rockrose cherryplum 3 pills each 2 times a day and go in the hot sun

  20. i am suffering from teeth pain. if i take anything sweet/cold/hot one side of teeth jaw is paining and after some time it is getting normal. already removed one teeth because it was damaged. i have changed the toothpaste and planned to wait for some more days and then consult doctor due to some personal reasons. please suggest remedies to overcome this situation.


  21. Sir!
    What is remedy for creating balance in work-life sphere? i feel sometimes i can’t give all for work and sometimes i feel i neglect family.How i balance both ? any specific chant or flower remedy?
    Great thanks

  22. Sir
    A) I was reading settling down at a new place,new company.Main problem in my non settlement in foreign country is my fear of driving.I am scared of heights,esculator.
    My biggest fear is driving.Even if my husband is driving at speed 100 which is usually required in foreign country especially on high ways I tight my hands on car door handle especially on slopes when I close my eyes then also my heart feels that slope.
    All the way I yell to drive slow even sometime cry.driving person is driving good but I feel opposite vehicle is coming over our car or our car will be ditch.
    Even I do not want to leave my sons alone at home because I feel if something happens during driving they will be alone in world.

    I do not apply for job because driving licence is requirement.Sir,help me with switch words chanting or Bach remedy.

  23. PRIYA
    please use these and let me know.

  24. Sir,

    My new job (first job ever) begins on May 1st. I am scared because I take time to mix with people.. I am really tensed cause I am the only person who is new there.. I have no company with me.. Please can you help? What should I do?


  25. saraswathiprasad

    Dear Sir,

    Getting tensed in the morning hours while getting ready to office. In the crowded bus getting more tensed. Please suggest remedies to wake up early and avoid tension and develop more and more patience while traveling in the over crowded bus during morning peak hours.

    saraswathi prasad

  26. Naran Ji
    Waiting for your reply on driving fear (question no 38 dated 24 April).

  27. Dear Sir,

    Doctor has prescribed medicines for my husband to increase and strengthen the semen countings for child birth. i have planned to consult doctor after three months only because i am waiting to get conceive naturally. now he is refusing to continue the tablets prescribed. he want me to consult and get a fresh tablet. but i am waiting for another three months to get everything naturally. please suggest some remedies me to chant on behalf on him to increase and strengthen his semen. i will chant on behalf of him. Please help.


  28. haasini
    take the flower remedies MUSTARD HOLLY LARCH

  29. Thank you Sir..

  30. Dear Sir,
    I live with my husband and in-laws.He loves me a lot and is a good man.But he is extremely devoted to his parents and doesn’t spend quality time with me as he is very busy with work.He and his parents are so close that I sometimes feel like an outsider.He is also unaware of how to treat women properly as he has not had much interaction with females.We end up with misunderstandings even when we discuss small issues.If we spend even a day togetherits ends up with me feeling bad for something.I want him to be romantic with me,take me out,etc.Can you suggest an animal spirit for it plz?

  31. , My maid who clean my house …sometikes money from my bag… sometimes rs 500,rs 200… otherwise she is good and i feel uncomfortable… earlier a boy who was helping me ..had similar habits like my maid… how can i attract honest maid.. which thoughts creating such experiences… pls help me what can i do…

    • Hi , is there any mantra for the same i am a working person and i badly need a maid, sometimes if i find out some maid , she leaves my work eoither on the pretext of lot of work, less salary or some other reason ,I am asking for a chant to get a honest faithful maid to take care of my house

  32. K
    take the flower remedies agrimony rockwater chestnutbud two pills each two times daily.

  33. Naran ji
    Sadat parnam
    We have sponsored my in laws for immigration.everything seems perfect till now as medical is also cleared.but now authorities need relationship proof of my husband with his parents.main document is birth certificate which is not found as per municipal. We can provide all other proof like passport copies with their names.
    We are worried.we want them not to rigid on this issue as every other conditions are already fulfilled.
    We want to chant for their immigration successfully.
    Please guide.
    Gauri Singla

  34. Dear respected sir Naranji
    Dear sir there any remedies for making our house plants and gardon more beautiful ..remedy for plants to stay healthy and in good condition?

  35. Naranji,

    i am sponsoring my son .. for visa renewal i will be applying by 1st week of December 2013. House(Tenancy ) contract is required for sponsor the family. my son is only 1 yr old. i got his visa last year as a special case .. which requires yearly renewal… i want to chant for his successful visa renewal .please guide me..

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