I Am a Free Ambassador for the Animal Spirit Guide Wolf!!!

Mr. DS

I am marketing my friend Wolf!

In many ways I have tried out his assistance.

I use it in meetings with customers, so we could convince them and get orders. It is very helpful while doing negotiation too.

I ask Wolf to order someone to call me.

I catch flights on time even though I am late, so many times. I am a lazy bugger and hit the airport in the last-minute, especially while making international trips.

Getting taxis in need, especially when I am late to airport, I call Wolf.

I can go on talk about him. His help is limitless!!!


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I’ve mentally called on wolf with no sucess,so exactly what do you do?

  2. Nicole,you have to address him as a friend,thank him in anticipation and request the SPIRIT of wolf to be with you at that particular time and seek help.eg…spirit of wolf,thank you for being my friend,pls be here with me and help me get a good parking spot….continue chanting with good feelings for our friend and it will not fail you…..all the very best….!!!

  3. I have tried to call the WOLF for help twice since yesterday and the WOLF didn\’t disappoint me. Both these days I got late to reach the bus stop where our company bus pick up comes. When I left from home, my friend called me and said that the bus would be there in a minute. It takes me 4-5 mins from my home to reach the stop. That\’s when I called the WOLF for help. I imagined the WOLF in my mind and asked for help so that somehow I reach the bus stop on time. I reached the bus stop and the bus was just reaching there. I got in the bus and my friend said that the bus got stuck in traffic just before my bus stop. I was amazed to hear that and realized that I had got the divine help from the spirit of WOLF.
    Hope this practical example of mine helps others in their lives, too.


  4. yes i agree with you ..wolf is always there and ready to help..i have experienced for many times and not only for me i also request help for others and always wolf helped me..Thank you so much wolf..thank you Naran sir for introducing us to the animal spirits

  5. I find that I almost feel a response from Wolf. As if he was saying. “Okay, I will help you.” Or Sometimes even…”I am already here!” It is profound and as the others have said. I have even had moments were I have forgotten I have asked Wolf for something and realized later on that things went more smoothly than normal or that messages I sent via Wolf have been received. So grateful! Thank you Wolf!

  6. Yes, I completely agree that Wolf is a great friend in need. You just think of him when you need any help, I am sure you will not get disappointed. You may not realize that its because of Wolf that we got our work done. We are always in rush to finish our work and move forward without realizing how you got there!!! Wolf is my great friend and I thank wolf as well as this blog and team membres who are hosting this. It is amazing and God bless all.
    from Ids

  7. Once again today, there was an incident where I called the wolf for help and just like a very good friend, the wolf helped me and miraculously i got a cab for my office. I am having a heavy laptop in my bag and to travel with it in a public transport, that too standing, is very difficult and tiring. Just when the public transport bus arrived, another private vehicle arrived there and I tried my luck there by asking where it was going. And it dropped me near by my office.
    I thank my friend WOLF for this a lot. WOLF’s divine grace will always be with us.


  8. hi,
    Indeed spirit wolf is most helpful and always available to help me
    i have in my home and in my office his picture,i was introduced to wolf spirit by Mr Govind (must be student of Naran)

  9. Yes friends. WOLF is my best best friend. Only because of him, I could attend the Reiki-Past Regression Life healing classes at Chennai. The story goes like this:

    It was almost over, only 4 days left for the class. Tuesday morning, I had not found a place to stay in Chennai. I am new to Chennai and have no friends or relatives in Chennai. Spoke to Shobana madam requesting for some arrangement for stay. But till that day, nothing worked out. Suddenly, sitting at office around 11-00a.m. got reminded of WOLF,our great friend.

    Instantly, I prayed to WOLF:
    1) Please help me find a suitable place to stay wihtin my budget.
    2) Help me to get the permission from my husband to go to Chennai.
    3) Help me to get some way of transportation to reach Chennai, as there was long week end holiday ahead.

    And lo, within next 48 hrs., everything got arranged.

    1) Got a PG to stay with the help of Shobana mam.
    2) Got the permission from my husband.
    3) Got my ticket to travel by Special buses arranged by KSRTC.

    Superb, was the class which came as a blessing for me from the UNIVERSE. Probably, no where else we might get such an enlightenment.

    Thanks to NARAN sir, channel of Lord Narayan in the form of human being to exchange the luv and light energy to the HUMAN KIND.

    • Yes I agree.. Naran Sir IS a channel Of Lord Narayan! May he be blessed eternally for his great service to humanity. May also the kind people who maintain this blog, and keep everything running smoothly be blessed for their Divine Service.
      God bless you all.

    • Dear Roopa, thank you for sharing this beautiful story & thank you to all the brothers & sisters who have shared here as well, abundant Blessings to you Roopa & to all, God Bless …

    • Dear Roopa, thank you for sharing this beautiful story & thank you to all brothers & sisters who have shared here as well, abundant Blessings to you Roopa & to all, God Bless

    • Dear Roopa

  10. Yes, all of us must agree……….Wolf is friendly animal that can help anyone who need and i always thank Wolf for being my friend and help me when needed. Love you Wolf for being my frn.

    Guruji we too love you as you are our channel.

  11. I too fully believe in WOLF. Any time, anywhere and whatever be the problem WOLF is there to help you out. I must thank Naran sir a lot for having given me solutions during the time of my crisis and special thanks to WOLF. You call him for help and he is readily there!!


  12. Dear Naran Sir
    I’m shocked looking et your reply on internet your reply on internet.I request you to tell me some mantra for my son.He does not like to stay in his own house. He quarrel when he return to his home. He like to stay with others. He always lost his job. I will wait for your answer.

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