Find the Right Resources for SUCCESS

For… Money, Study, Purpose and People…


To gather all resources for the exam, when the child is under-prepared and anxious, write the name of the child, and Squirrel using the circle technique.


Squirrel: For people who are doing nothing or loitering around, will find purpose in life


To be surrounded and attract honest and straight-forward people: Squirrel.


To gather all resources for an interview, when you are not prepared for it and therefore you worry about it: SQUIRREL


SQUIRREL can help you to organize and execute your work. You will find the time to do it. You will be able to split up your work in such a way, that you will complete them by bits and pieces.


SQUIRREL: For wise investment. We don’t know how to invest and the company where we have invested will not do well. To handle all of them, call upon Squirrel.


Squirrel: Promotes savings and to accumulate money bit by bit

Cut down Unwanted expenses or money is over by 10th: SQUIRREL. It also helps to do anything within the budget.


Squirrel also will bring in lot of money.

To start earning money, and there will be no financial problem as somehow you will get money: SQUIRREL

You can call upon Squirrel when you are desperately looking for money. Though, it will work only when you need money and constantly worry about it.

Too much financial worries, even though you have enough money in your hands: SQUIRREL


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. is to have a picture of a squirrel near where you sleep enough?

  2. can i husband keep the picture of squirrel in his purse, as he is not able to earn money even though he is working hard as a house contractor, waiting for new project

  3. Abhideb Bhattacharya

    Pranam Guruji….

    Please tell me about the circle technique.
    I do not know how many circles to draw and in which circle to write.



  4. I love squirrels ever since the story of how sri rama gave them the stripes 🙂 today I saw a huge chameleon on the garden wall. I am very scared of them since childhood and really hate them for the fear they cause in me but it was a distance and i saw from the window so was calm. now after knowing about animal spirits feel positive about all of them (not much, a little). pls. tell us significance of chameleon if any.

  5. Under Find right resources for success money study purpose i could not understand the link and everything remain in halfway to my expectation interested in complete solution as not able to purchase some of products.
    Basically i wish to understand Energy Circle, with Switchwords,and BFR remedies how to decide healing in various situations.
    Hope you will understand my view point
    Thanks and Regards.

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