Surviving in your job and office is easy

Office politics

When you feel victimized and blame others. Horse will reduce the victim mentality. When you blame even in mind, the other person will start blaming.  Pray, “Horse! Help me to stop this blaming”.

When you need cooperation from others, especially for computer professionals, chant HORSE and (Bach Flower Remedy) WILLOW

When there is a severe commotion and you are not able to come out, at that time call horse or look at the picture of horse.

Work-Life balance

Call upon HORSE, when:

  • You don’t want to be a slave to somebody, for example to your boss at work
  • To have freedom from workplace – you are stuck with lots of work and not able to get out of office. And it’s already late.
  • Say, you are away on a holiday for 10 days. Nobody from office should disturb you.
  • When a task couldn’t be completed, or you need strength to complete the work
  • When we want to come out of dire straits, for example the economic downturn in US (you could project it on to US)
  • It gives you leadership qualities

Getting co-operation from others


Even my husband working hard, He is not getting appreciation. He doesn’t have job satisfaction. Because of office politics he is suffering a lot. His colleagues and manager are trying to spoil his name.


 Write the names of flowers “HOLLY, WILLOW, BEECH, WALNUT” in a piece of paper and keep it in his pocket.  Keep HORSE picture also in his pocket.

V. Rajalakshmi

What should be done to gain respect and affection and cooperation from colleagues at work place?


Keep a HORSE picture. Call HORSE and ask “please be in my energy field so that I get cooperation from my colleagues”.

 Daily chant WATER VIOLET while going to the office.  Write WATER VIOLET in a piece of paper and keep it with you

Gain everything

For boost of strength:  Hornbeam, Elm, and Horse

Look at the picture of horse to get self-confidence.

Keep HORSE for any tight financial situation, where your earnings are restricted.

Settle property disputes

HORSE will help you to settle any dispute

In all negotiations you can keep photos of KIWI, HORSE and CRANE.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are having the audit in our office at the end of the month.
    By all accounts the group of auditors coming and especially one in the group is very strict and gives very very negative reports if the audit. findings are not satisfactory.

    Can you please give me some help where I am `invisible’ and bypassed by the audit without my work being checked. Although I have done my job but I get very nervous when questioned by the higher authorities & am not confident in my replies.

    Hoping to get some help from you in this matter.


  2. I am a regular follower of your blogs and I used animal spirit Horse in office as I had no proper support from my senior , and kept the Hose as my desktop saver too, not one but 3 horses.

    I daily request horse to help me control my negative thinking about others as I do not get proper support from the required seniors.

    After 10 days, the person with whom I had problem called me and said sorry. He also promised me that he would be supporting me from here afterwards and we will help the company for better prospects.

    Now I am looking for a different job. I request you to kindly help me with switch words to get a job near to where I live and with good salary and a good designation.

  3. A huge sum of arrears is due also increase of basic pay is due-please give a mantra to chant

  4. laxmi,
    om gam ganapathaye namaha

    • Naran Sir,
      om gam ganapathaye namaha-Sir, as advised by you I chanted this mantra with full faith and the miracle happened…very suddenly they increased my basic pay which had been due for a long time and currently I’m drawing a very huge salary but I am always humble and doing my bit of service to the world around me by offering to the lord dwelling in human hearts, from that, which He is granting me. Sir, I am thankful to you because you made this possible by showing me the right path.
      The arrears are still due but I’m praying patiently for the right time for it to happen and I will inform you immediately when I get the good news.
      May God bless you and long live your immeasurable service.

  5. Naran, Which animal if you are the continually accused or the victim of blame. Is it pine instead? For now i am projecting horse on the person blaming me. Their blame feels draining!

  6. Grace,
    horse. project pelican by your side

  7. Hi I’m frustrated with office politics and false blame on me and my team by the secretary of boss and our boss has come under her influence and started troubling us suggest me switch words.

  8. Hi,
    Please help with me. My amd my sister life is very of problems. we both are above 32 but unmarried. There is obstacles in our marriage. financial issue at home, office politics , no salary hike, all the blame is coming upon me, no support from manager, other colleagues is buttering and getting all the limelight. full family is having health issues,25lacs debt on my father.


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