Take measured steps


A pigeon came to my windowsill in my living room for the first time. I was shocked by it. What does this mean?


There is nothing to fear about it. Chant the switch words “SLOW CARE”.

Other message from Pigeon is, if one hears only the sound of pigeons and not sees the pigeons, it is the call of the ancestors and he has to think of his ancestors and feed some body.

When you call upon Pigeon…

“One person who is loved by all is the one who loves all”

One’s love is different as a wife, as a daughter and as a son. But as a mother, one’s is totally different. To know what mother’s love is taught by pigeon.

If you go on seeing the photo of Pigeon and meditate upon it, it will make you conceive as it gives you motherly qualities.

“We have all lost the patience, love and so we all can see the photo of pigeon often”

Love is measured by us to give it others and we do not give it spontaneously. Those who do not have these, the pigeon will cultivate it in them.

What is the mental state here is that the person cannot enjoy at the success of others. “Why me?” the question is there in all of us. If one says, why me, it means there is no love, there is no perseverance and there is no patience. The pigeon will give you all these three qualities.

You are in the midst of trials and tribulations. You need to have endurance and perseverance, and wait for your turn. So to develop endurance, perseverance, and patience seek Pigeon.

It makes you become more sociable.

Blue Whale, Jellyfish, Pigeon and Chimpanzee combination is the best combination for harmony.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. As you said, Sir, that if one hears the sound and not see the pigeon it is a call frm ancestors and one has to feed to the poor thinking about the ancestors, however in my case, pigeons frequently visit our house, mostly sit on windowsill and initially I hear the sound of their wings and also see them however I used to drive them away.

    What should I do for this?? What is the message for me??

    Thanks for your reply,


  2. Sir!
    what bach remedies to take to know whether what step we are taking is right or not ,for exmple i am getting good job offer but also i need to appear for an exam ,passsing which i will get a better offer,so confused between job(earning) versus studying(exam).please help!

  3. radha narayanan

    dear naran sir!!
    my company always gives me wrong check,less amount for salary and every time i have to make 2-3 trips to get the amount.please give me a chant/bach remedy for me to chant so that the company gives me the amount due to me every month at the same timeand without making many trips.

  4. radha narayanan

    chanted chicory gentian cherryplum impatiens-thanks to this i got half salary-rest is still pending everytime same response will look into matter-when i work sincerely why they donot pay sincerely??i feel dejected to ask pay check everyday.

  5. The pidgeon came again. This time it was the very first thing I saw when I woke up. It was very dark and did not move for a while. Made no sound. Is it the same meaning?

  6. Dear Naran,

    This pigeon has return he is making a home near my front door I have fed many now. What else to do?

  7. I have decided to give food to the pigeon, he was ill and now he is doing a bit better.

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