Snake’s Visit


We had a rat snake (about a foot long) in the house on Monday evening. We could not find it even though we knew it was hiding near the fridge. 7 men with sticks, my husband with an emergency lamp, my maid with s broom & me, could not find it anywhere within a few minutes of having seen it on the kitchen floor near the fridge.

Naturally, we had a restless night. I chanted (Bach Flower Remedy for fear) MIMULUS, gave it to my aged mother (who was very worried), & Rescue Remedy for all of us.

I then prayed to WOLF, to help me find the snake.

Early morning, I kept the milk to boil, and then turned the kitchen tap on to fill water in a vessel for tea. The water would not flow down. I pushed a broom stick inside the drain to check if anything was clogged. OUT popped a tail, and then the head of the snake appeared inside the drain.

I thanked WOLF for helping me find the snake. Then I called the gardener, who normally helps with snakes in this area. He got it out. I could not stop him killing it, because he says, once they find a way inside, they will keep returning.

I feel bad about that, but I guess it is a question of survival. Actually we humans have taken their place, their homes are being flooded by the rains, the eggs have hatched & many young ones are coming out in search of safe hiding place.

I know I cannot give them a place in my home, but does feel bad that we had to take a life.   I am doing the forgiveness Mantra.


Message from the animal spirit guide snake

  1. If you see snake often means you have to let go of the past and start a new life.
  2. One student asks if snake falls on me what it represents. Snake represents new life. It tells be ready for a new life.
  3. If you get a dream where in a snake chasing you, it means release your guilt.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,
    I am having nightmares wherein a Cobra comes in and the location is our family goddess or another .Duttgurus pilgrimage. During the same period i am suffering from major financial issues.
    Sir what does seeing cobra or snake in dreams means? what should i do?

  2. sudarsan
    chant Mimulus over come the fear;
    chant guru charithra.

  3. Sir,

    For my Online Netbanking, we have to identify our login on web by selecting an animal/bird. Unknowingly, I selected PIGEON as my identification mark 4 years ago. From the past, 4months, pigeons have entered my toilet window and made nests inside. They have laid eggs; eggs have hathed; baby pigeons are squeeking. Everyday morning hear them squeeking. They had dirtied my whole toilet. Hence, everyweek end, it’s become one of the week end task to clean all the shit fallen and wash the toilet.

    What’s the significance of this?


    • From the notes on Pictures of Animal Spirits:

      Read letters written by you dead parents.
      Recollect any conversation between you and your grand -parents. Enquire about them with your elder relatives if they are no more. There is a message for you from them.

      From the workshop manual:

      If one hears only sound of pigeons and not see the pigeons it is the call of the ancestors and he has to think of his ancestors and feed some body.

      • thank you web admin. this helps me too as pigeon problems i face. but i have no letters or elder relatives. what to do in such case. does this apply only to blood relatives or any elders? kindly guide if possible. tks in advance

  4. Naranji,
    This is2nd reminder (after another 5days)about my above post. Please do respond ASAP.
    Also if you could guide as to which animal spirit should i seek help for being successful in Trading of Shares,& commodities ?

    Hope to Find Divine Answer

  5. manish
    Be gentle in your communication. your communication should reflect your heart and not your ego. your communication will be better if you listen, instead of talking.
    be SLOW with CARE, instead of being impatient and irritated; This is the message of PARROT.

    • Respected Naranji,
      I am extremely sorry for the way i communicated(from EGO). PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
      I am going through bad times (though astrologically it is my Best Time!). I needed your guidance and the reason is quite evident from your answer.


      Financially i am broke with nothing left for next months basic survival. I needed to know which Animal Spirit can help me in successful shares Trading as despite of all Knowhow & chanting BF remedies i am unable achieve success.




      • what you need is stability.
        chant 124875124875.
        write this in a paper and write the numbers as in a clock – circular way. keep it with you and keep it under the pillow

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