Entwined in Love


I am keen to change my relationship with my husband to total love and harmony, because most of the times he is always angry with me.

As I do sometimes make mistakes for which I immediately say sorry. But still I really want to change everything to LOVE and make him happy and calm.

I also know he loves me a lot. But things tend to go wrong and out of hand sometimes.


Download a picture of two swans with their necks entwined. Keep it under your pillow and your husband’s.

In the morning or evening look at the picture, and chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE”:


The entwined swans represent intimate love.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks Mohanji.
    I have pasted a picture of entwined swans on both our photos and kept it under my pillow here. Should I keep the same under his pillow too, since i am going for a short visit to see him?

    • Go with your feelings. Your heart knows better. With Naran’s approach each one is a healer, and so what you feel that you do.

      Do it. It will only do good. Carry the picture of the swans always with you to be in its energy field.

      Good luck

  2. Ifor no reason..or someone blames us for no reason,or even If we feel we are innocent…what can we do at that time.

  3. Sorry for the typo…What to do if someone blames you for no reason , even If I think I m innocent.I was so shocked and got hurt..dont know how to react…I m carrying this feelings from last two days.I tried to forgiving exercise..I took whitechestnut,agrimony..Still I m not recovered from those feelings..it’s disturbing my life.

    • The one affirmation I find very effective these days for any type of uncomfortable feelings – hurt, and anger, regarding others is, “TOGETHER BOW CONCEDE ADJUST FORGIVE PRAISE THANKS”

      In normal circumstances, “TOGETHER PRAISE DIVINE”

      • Thank You R Mohan.will chant this…this is a divine blog…and all of you are divine healers.

      • Thank You R Mohan sir,I Chanted for more than half an hour…I m feeling better now.CAn I chant this affirmation on the behalf of my mother as she is also very angry ,got hurt also.. for the same person who critisized me.How can I help my mother to calm down.

        • Thank Naran for bringing out such a simple mental tranquilizer.

          Yes you can do any affirmation for anybody.

          • Yes A very big thanks to Naran sir…

          • Some days ago I asked question.. some feeling are bothering me…I chanted TOGETHER BOW CONCEDE ADJUST FORGIVE PRAISE THANKS” and felt better.Now I m again feeling bad,WHat to do?Today I felt I should call to tell them I m so angry,disturbed.THen I drop…Pls help..what is is the right action.

            • Do the forgiving exercise for them in addition to chanting the switch words, “ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE CANCEL NOW”

              • I did forgiving eercise for many hours,now there is no or little bit anger.But now I feeling as though I m hurt,deeply hurt,it was painful,and tears in eyes.now what can I do?thank you …

              • Take the remedies Holly, Chicory, Willow, Pine and Rescue Remedy.

                Whenever you feel hurt imagine the person and pray for them, “I am sorry Please forgive me Love Thanks Together Divine”

                Understand everyday is a battle field. We need to work one part of the mind that will not let us seek harmony, peace and love. Everyday morning I go through certain emotions and thoughts. The only that helps me come out of those feelings is praying for the concerned person — mantras and Reiki.

                For one week stay in silence. Don’t seek solutions outside, seek it inside. I am sure you can find a way.

                • I did eveything,Most of time I m okay.. but sometimes in a day I feel very bad,sometimes sad After chanting I felt ok…How can I let go person/feelings.
                  Thank you.

                • One of the part of the mind is happy another part of the mind is unhappy. I tell the unhappy part of the mind (when I feel unhappy, i look into that feeling of unhappiness inside me and say), “Please align yourself with the happy mind. Love Thanks Together Divine”.

  4. Naran Sir

    i want to share my experience.Last wednesday there was a get together in our society by a car dealership & tambola game was being played there.At first not even a single number was cut on my slip.I just prayed to wolf if i could win atleast a line & forgot as i was not expecting that.But at last i won a full house…thanks to wolf

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