Adjust is the message


I love squirrels ever since the story of how Sri Rama gave them the stripes.

Today, I saw a huge chameleon on the garden wall. I am very scared of them since childhood and really hate them for the fear they cause in me. But, it was a distance and I saw from the window. So I was calm.

Now, after knowing about animal spirit guides, I feel positive about all of them (not much, a little). Pls. tell us significance of chameleon if any.


“Adjust” is the message

Other messages

  1. We are likely to get indigestion or flatulence – so take care of your diet
  2. Face anything boldly
  3. Be patient
  4. Don’t show your anger
  5. You need to diversify
  6. Take care of your heart and circulatory problems
  7. Tone your heart and express your love

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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran!

    Please guide me. Since 18 weeks am doin Vishnu pooja in my yard so that I can get a good proposal to marry. Today after my pooja I saw a pigeon in the yard.. It was a bit different frrom other pigeons I usually see.. After some time it ate my offerings which I had made to Vishnu God. I kept looking at it when it was eating.. Afterwards it flew in the South West direction.

    Can you please tell me wat is the meaning of all this? Is it auspicious to look at a bird eating the offering one made to God?

  2. Hi!

    I want to share my experience… truly amazing…. reading your blogs for some weeks… decided to use one technique which is asking the wolf to help me… I had to go to the bank for transaction… every time there is a long queue in front of me… but today before going to bank I asked wolf to please help me do my transaction rapidly… N I was helped !!!!! wow when i entered the bank very few clients and I was the first in the queue….

    thank naranji for sharing wonderful and unique ways to help us

  3. i saw a glowfly lastnight which is unusual here. what does that indicate?

    • @ prajna

      Who wrote:
      “i saw a glowfly lastnight which is unusual here. what does that indicate?”

      Glowflies are magical symbols of inspiration and hope.

      (Note: Glowflies are also known as Fireflies or Lightning Bugs) I will use the term Firefly from now on but they are all the same.

      For those to whome the firefly appears…
      … it is time to trust in your own rhythms–physical and spiritual. Our hopes will begin to manifest, and our ability to inspire will grow. Fireflies remind us that there are others who will respond to us and who are like us. They flash with similar creative rhythms. They will make their presence known soon, and they will make our life more creative and healthier. (But be on the lookout for those who only pretend to be like us … but are really not like us at all).

      You may be focusing upon the wrong path or perhaps you are working with the wrong people or socializing with a crowd that is not healthy for us. You may be letting others (through their negative opinions) prevent the success of your creative endeavors.

      Fireflies remind us that positive hope is a critical component to fulfillment and accomplishment. They are the promise of accomplishment through hope and efforts. They remind us that if we have laid the appropriate groundwork … from it will spring great reward.

      When you see one … jot down all of those creative ideas that are flickering in your mind at this time. You needn’t worry about what to do with them now … just by taking them out of the mental realm, their creative force is released into our life and they will provide inspiration that will affect us for a long time in the future.

      When one appears ask yourself:
      Are you being pessimistic?
      Are you holding on to a sense of hopelessness, that all is lost?
      Are you trying to force movement along the wrong path?
      Are you not acting upon our creative ideas or even acknowledging them?
      Are you not taking advantage of the spiritual gifts available to you?
      Are others misleading you, giving you false hopes and false inspirations?

      Here is more information … from Ted Andrews’ book “Animal-Wise”…

  4. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

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