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It’s all about Getting Pregnant

1.      Rabbit the savior


Are there are any remedies to get pregnant?


  • If both are clinically ok, hang a RABBIT photograph in the bedroom. And meditate upon it for 5 minutes before going to bed.
  • Take sweet chestnut walnut two doses a day.

2.      Need Divine Grace


I want to conceive and for successful conceiving, can you suggest some remedies to chant?


Hang a picture of RABBIT in the room. Chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, WALNUT” in the night about two hundred times.


Sweet Chestnut and Walnut are Bach flower remedies.

Sweet Chestnut: gives you divine grace

Walnut: will make you get ready to transition to motherhood

Rabbit: the animal spirit guide to get pregnant.

3.      Get Ready to Become a Mother

Pigeon is an excellent and useful bird. It gives you what you need for mother hood. Many ladies have pregnancy problem. One of the reasons for that is that they are not ready for that.

For a woman to become pregnant she needs the help of the animal spirit guides RABBIT and a PIGEON.

Those ladies who do not have children may have their mental pattern as “All other ladies have children, why not me?”

If such ladies come to know that if another woman of their age is pregnant then they cannot rejoice.

They will also have guilt feeling thinking what sin they have committed.

In such situations the message of God is ‘Be patient, have faith and perseverance’.

So all these three qualities one can get from Pigeon.

4.      Thank the Unborn Child


I and my husband are trying for a second baby. We have a 9-year-old boy. We were caught up with life here in the USA and so never thought about a second one.


  • Have a RABBIT picture in the bed room.
  • Thank the child which is to be born

5.      We need blessings of Jupiter

Santhose Kumar

My brother got married 8 years back. Till now he has no child. My sister-in-law is affected by uterus tuberculosis. She takes a lot of medical treatments. She didn’t get conceived. Please give the remedy to conceive and get child. Advance thanks.


  • Ask them to hang a rabbit photo in the bed rom.
  • Write their names and circle it. Around the first circle write “SWEET CHESTNUT JUPITER WALNUT FIND DIVINE child”. Ask them to chant this mantra too.



Jupiter: is for expansion. Here you are seeking expansion of your family

Find Divine: to get the blessings of divinity to get a child

6.      Searching for a solution – going from one doctor to another


 I have hypo thyroid problem, married for seven years, not able to conceive, doctors say no serious complication, but it’s not working.  Have been through a lot of treatments – nothing worked.  Don’t know which doctor to go. Can you please advise me?


  • Hang a picture of rabbit in your bedroom.
  • Both you and your husband should take the flower remedies, once a day – SWEET CHESTNUT, CERATO, WALNUT and HORNBEAM


Cerato:  the Bach flower will show you the way for the solution

Hornbeam: not to get stuck up and move on


Mediation is easy, when there is a conflict


Seek the help of Crane…

  • For mediation and conciliation; in Hindi crane is called as Saras — which means easy, therefore mediation is easy.
  • When you want to pacify two people. 
  • You are caught between two situations. Call crane to come out of confusion.
  • For focusing
  • If you have the lack of money, attention or appreciation, call Crane

When you come across a Crane, you need to…

  • Bring balance into your life. 
  • You must devote time to your family. 
  • Eat at the right time.

Couple of Cranes came knocking at my doors


I am wondering if you could help me with an animal spirit guide question.

Since my family and I have moved to Florida, we have admired and loved the Florida Sand Hill Crane. It has become our favorite family bird.

Well, a week ago, two Cranes literally came to my front door. They normally are peaceful birds but tend to shy away from humans and don’t walk around in front lawns. Instead these two birds approached me. One was more daring and actually touched its beak to my right leg, which happens to be an injured leg from nerve damage. It just looked at me, inches away from my face. We had such a connection, it was amazing. Then they both lie down and fell asleep, right next to me.

I felt like it was so amazing and spiritual. I had to go answer the phone and then when I came back they were gone. I felt it was a sign. A day later I had a dream about a crane at a front door trying to get in, I wouldn’t let it in, and it was aggressive and upset.

Any insight into this encounter and dream would be appreciated. I know they are my spirit guides. Now, I just know it, but I wonder if it is a permanent guide or just to teach a lesson or both.


They just came to teach you a lesson. It is nice to read this posting and through the crane, I am amazed at how God is guiding all of us, especially you.

God is always beside you. What else you need in this life other than God. I am reminded of a story. “What do you want?” the god asked.  “When you are here, in front of me, what else I need?” the Baktha (disciple) said.

What is the message of crane?  Express your thanks and gratitude to what all happened in your life. Thank those known to you, thank your parents, teachers, friends, all those who interacted with you, those unknown to you, and all the incidents – whether good or unwanted.

Finally, with tears in your eyes flowing down to the cheeks, you pray and thank God.

Chant NAMASHIVAYAM from the heart.

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