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Entwined in Love


I am keen to change my relationship with my husband to total love and harmony, because most of the times he is always angry with me.

As I do sometimes make mistakes for which I immediately say sorry. But still I really want to change everything to LOVE and make him happy and calm.

I also know he loves me a lot. But things tend to go wrong and out of hand sometimes.


Download a picture of two swans with their necks entwined. Keep it under your pillow and your husband’s.

In the morning or evening look at the picture, and chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE”:


The entwined swans represent intimate love.


Take measured steps


A pigeon came to my windowsill in my living room for the first time. I was shocked by it. What does this mean?


There is nothing to fear about it. Chant the switch words “SLOW CARE”.

Other message from Pigeon is, if one hears only the sound of pigeons and not sees the pigeons, it is the call of the ancestors and he has to think of his ancestors and feed some body.

When you call upon Pigeon…

“One person who is loved by all is the one who loves all”

One’s love is different as a wife, as a daughter and as a son. But as a mother, one’s is totally different. To know what mother’s love is taught by pigeon.

If you go on seeing the photo of Pigeon and meditate upon it, it will make you conceive as it gives you motherly qualities.

“We have all lost the patience, love and so we all can see the photo of pigeon often”

Love is measured by us to give it others and we do not give it spontaneously. Those who do not have these, the pigeon will cultivate it in them.

What is the mental state here is that the person cannot enjoy at the success of others. “Why me?” the question is there in all of us. If one says, why me, it means there is no love, there is no perseverance and there is no patience. The pigeon will give you all these three qualities.

You are in the midst of trials and tribulations. You need to have endurance and perseverance, and wait for your turn. So to develop endurance, perseverance, and patience seek Pigeon.

It makes you become more sociable.

Blue Whale, Jellyfish, Pigeon and Chimpanzee combination is the best combination for harmony.

Seeking the Help of Animal Spirit Guides

Call them when you require help

Animal spirits are there, to help us. They can be called for any kind of help.

God is helping us through nature – Bach Flower Remedies and Animal Spirits for example.

We label someone as a dog, when we wanted to abuse them, even though we don’t have intelligence of a dog.

Animals are right brain beings and therefore they are much more intelligent than us.

They are your friends

We are part of animals, flowers, minerals (gemstones) etc.

Like calling upon Bach Flower remedies – in the form of chanting, we could use animal spirits too.

Speak to them as though speaking to a friend. They are divine angels. They will come to your aid.

How and when to call them?

Call them when there is a need.

Each animal has some resource that we could use.

For example, Call Wolf whenever you need help – let us say you need to get a seat in the bus.

Some more examples: to get hotel reservations, to get the appropriate rent, to get the reasonable price when selling the land and to get volunteers (for Wolf is a Volunteer). It’s raining and you need a taxi. You will find one stopping by your house.

Whenever you think about Animal Spirit Guides, prostrate to them as they are divine beings. Only human beings are not divine as our mind rules us.

Please note:

Picture of Animals like Rabbit, Wolf and other 36 animal spirit guides are available at the centre.

 Buy them and use them to invoke their energy/resource, and fill yourself as well as your surroundings with that energy.

It’s all about Getting Pregnant

1.      Rabbit the savior


Are there are any remedies to get pregnant?


  • If both are clinically ok, hang a RABBIT photograph in the bedroom. And meditate upon it for 5 minutes before going to bed.
  • Take sweet chestnut walnut two doses a day.

2.      Need Divine Grace


I want to conceive and for successful conceiving, can you suggest some remedies to chant?


Hang a picture of RABBIT in the room. Chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, WALNUT” in the night about two hundred times.


Sweet Chestnut and Walnut are Bach flower remedies.

Sweet Chestnut: gives you divine grace

Walnut: will make you get ready to transition to motherhood

Rabbit: the animal spirit guide to get pregnant.

3.      Get Ready to Become a Mother

Pigeon is an excellent and useful bird. It gives you what you need for mother hood. Many ladies have pregnancy problem. One of the reasons for that is that they are not ready for that.

For a woman to become pregnant she needs the help of the animal spirit guides RABBIT and a PIGEON.

Those ladies who do not have children may have their mental pattern as “All other ladies have children, why not me?”

If such ladies come to know that if another woman of their age is pregnant then they cannot rejoice.

They will also have guilt feeling thinking what sin they have committed.

In such situations the message of God is ‘Be patient, have faith and perseverance’.

So all these three qualities one can get from Pigeon.

4.      Thank the Unborn Child


I and my husband are trying for a second baby. We have a 9-year-old boy. We were caught up with life here in the USA and so never thought about a second one.


  • Have a RABBIT picture in the bed room.
  • Thank the child which is to be born

5.      We need blessings of Jupiter

Santhose Kumar

My brother got married 8 years back. Till now he has no child. My sister-in-law is affected by uterus tuberculosis. She takes a lot of medical treatments. She didn’t get conceived. Please give the remedy to conceive and get child. Advance thanks.


  • Ask them to hang a rabbit photo in the bed rom.
  • Write their names and circle it. Around the first circle write “SWEET CHESTNUT JUPITER WALNUT FIND DIVINE child”. Ask them to chant this mantra too.



Jupiter: is for expansion. Here you are seeking expansion of your family

Find Divine: to get the blessings of divinity to get a child

6.      Searching for a solution – going from one doctor to another


 I have hypo thyroid problem, married for seven years, not able to conceive, doctors say no serious complication, but it’s not working.  Have been through a lot of treatments – nothing worked.  Don’t know which doctor to go. Can you please advise me?


  • Hang a picture of rabbit in your bedroom.
  • Both you and your husband should take the flower remedies, once a day – SWEET CHESTNUT, CERATO, WALNUT and HORNBEAM


Cerato:  the Bach flower will show you the way for the solution

Hornbeam: not to get stuck up and move on

Manage Your Work and Assignments Successfully

Call upon Animal Spirit Guide TORTOISE, when you want to give up a project – maybe it’s too complicated to complete and you become desperate to finish. The equivalent Switch Words are SLOW CARE.

Manage your work

SQUIRREL can help you to organize and execute your work. You will find the time to do it. You will be able to split up your work in such a way, that you will complete them by bits and pieces.


For creativity in the film world, CHIMPANZEE will work.

Resources to achieve your goal

At work, if you think there is no promotion in sight, CUCKOO will give you the required patience to achieve your goal.

Handling a difficult task

When you are heavily burdened, finding it difficult to do the job on hand, see the picture of EMU

Getting co-operation

When you need cooperation from others especially for computer professionals, chant HORSE and (Bach Flower Remedy) WILLOW

If in a factory the workers are not working properly, you can hang the photo of the WOLF there.

Managing your superiors

INDIAN CUCKOO: In government offices where the higher-ups pressurize too much the lower staff, to handle them by lower rank people, this bird will help.

Project Management

RABBIT also helps to complete all projects in time.

Get the money you want


My husband handles a lot of our home and business management issues and he often feels overwhelmed by too many problems and responsibilities that just land on him and drag on forever.

Nobody else seems to take any responsibility or do anything competently. He feels he is always putting out fires and not having time to move forward. Are there any switch words or remedies I could use on his behalf?


  1. Keep a picture of King Fisher under his pillow.
  2. When anybody is overwhelmed with work there are two remedies in Bach flowers. They are ELM and OAK. Write his name and circle. Draw one more concentric circle and write these flowers. Daily see them and read them.
  3. You can use switch words RELEASE RESISTANCE COUNT MOVE ON. Chant or write them on your husband’s behalf.


King Fisher: is a bird. It will help anyone find new sources of money

Elm: will make you handle multiple things at the same time – like for example, organizing a wedding, where you need to be multi-tasking

Oak: work smarter and get your things done

Release Resistance: After making several efforts, the desired results are not accomplished. It means there is internal resistance in us, which stops us from achieving our objectives.

Count: to get the money you require

Move: to move forward in life and not stuck up in the current situation

On: no stagnation (remember the expression here: MOVE ON)

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