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  1. Hi Naran,
    Wondering if you could help me with an animal spirit guide question. Since my family and I have moved to Florida, we have admired and loved the Florida Sand Hill Crane, it became our favorite family bird. Well, a week ago, two Cranes literally came to my front door. They normally are peaceful birds but tend to shy away from humans and don’t walk around front lawns. Instead these two birds approached me, one was more daring and actually touched it’s beak to my right leg, which happens to be an injured leg from nerve damage. It just looked at me, inches away from my face. We had such a connection, it was amazing. Then they both laid down and fell asleep, right next to me. I felt like it was so amazing and spiritual. I had to go answer the phone and then when I came back they were gone. I felt it was a sign. A day later I had a dream about a crane at a front door trying to get in, I wouldn’t let it in, it was aggressive and upset. Any insight into this encounter and dream would be appreciated. I know they are my spirit guides now, I just know it, but I wonder if it is a permanent guide or just to teach a lesson or both. Happy New Year to you. Thank you. Vicky.

  2. they just came to teach you a lesson. It is nice to read this posting and through the cran, i am amazed at how God is guiding all of us especially you. God is always beside you. What else you need in this life other than God. I am reminded of a story.” What do you want?”, the god asked.
    “when you are here, in front of me, what else i need? the baktha said.
    what is the message of this crane?
    Express your thanks and gratitude to what all happened in your life. thank those known to you thank your parents teachers, friends and all those who interacted with you, those unknow to you. all the incidents – good or unwanted. findally with tears in your eyes flowing down to the cheeks, pray and thank God. chanting NAMASHIVAYAM from the heart.

  3. i have shifted to a new house last week,within a day of shifting
    the lift stopped working,(we r on the fifth floor) there was water scarcity i called the wolf to help me to ease out the situation.During sundays no repair man comes.within minutes of calling the wolf,the liftman came to repair the liftand repaired it,necesary arrangement for the water scarcity was also done thanks to wolf,thanks to narainkumarji for teaching all this

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Nature is at our beck and call.waiting for our call.salutations to the universal love which, acted through wolf. the pure consciousness or God is nearby and if only we know how to call him, the world would be dfiferent. let love only rule the world, so that all of us are united.

  5. Dear Mr. Naran,

    I was working in a good dept in my office where I was very happy. Due to office politics, there was a reshuffle and I was put in a different section where work is really hectic and worse, under a boss who is very unaccomadating. Can you please advise as to what I can do or say to enable me to move back to my former department.

    Thank you for all your help

  6. shakuntala,

  7. Dear Mr. Naran,

    I was reciting what you gave but so far there have been no changes. In fact, its becoming more apparent that I’ll not be allowed to go into any other department with my duty list already being processed. Is there anything else which will help? Am really desperate to get out of this section and go back to my former place as its still empty and may be filled by someone else.
    I really do need your help urgently in this and the new job is taking its toll on my health as I am returning home late.


  8. sakuntala
    Thank the present department daily in the morning, when you come to the office. Thank everybody there.
    chant GORSE IMPATIENS FIND.(name of the previous dept.)…. DIVINE NOW ON.

  9. Reaspected Sir Naranji
    Sir How can we know Our Animal Guide….Is there any method of Knowing?I am new to this logic kindly explain.

  10. I am a well qualified construction specialist with Project Management experience in large and complex projects. I really aspire to become a CEO or COO of an infrastructure company and put my knowledge and 36 years of experience to use.

    Please guide me which animal spirit I should invoke to get a good opportunity.



  12. While travelling in a car I saw an eagle flying and sitting on an electric pole .Is there a message there.
    Thank you

  13. Deepa,
    Have a long term goal. Think positively and do things.

  14. hi sir naran mi name is diego.i want to get a credit for to buy a motorcycle.i want to know what spirit animal invoked to obtain credit or what other remedy use thank you

  15. Dear Guru,

    Iam living in a rented house owner is having hen family as pet.not able to shift this house since my husband is not interested to move.hen is making us to stay here.always i am hearing the sound of hen. what does it mean. can i continue staying here? please help.


  16. dear sir
    I am 27yrs F, please advice some mantra to chant to conceive a baby,I had an abortion 6months back(had undergone IVF treatment),we r trying to have a baby from 6years. Please suugest some mantras to chant and to have a fruitful result

    Thank you

  17. mamatha
    visit the postings on conceiving.
    for a person who had abortion, take the flower remedy gentian for a month

  18. Naran Ji,
    can an individual have more than one Animal Spirit Guide. means like (Eagle & Wolf).
    If so how can we consider both or call both?

  19. Hi Naran,

    My boyfriend and i had a fight he hurted me i called upon wolf spirit to help me i said like make my bf call me and ask sorry for hurting me and he should show his love and affection to me, I was very depressed but wolf dint help me. Even today morning for auto i needed money i called upon wolf to help me during emergency situation for 1 rupee some how i should have it in my bag .. pls wolf help me i should 1 rupee in my bag .. wolf dint turn up..
    Is there something wrong with me ? or wolf doesnt want to help me ? Pls answer naren Ji

  20. Wow my bf called the other day morning and he spoke well and asked sorry too. After I asked wolf sorry.. really amazing.. I wished wolf thanks a lot for the help.
    and also I sent blue whale pic which helped us solve the problems..
    thanks Naren ji.. u are really great .. thanks for guiding

  21. Sir, I am fond of cats…in fact in my life, cats always come to our home and they get attached to me only..what does the Animal spirit guide of Cat signify Sir…

  22. Naran Sir, pl refer to my earlier query about Cats. Kindly let me know the significance of Animal Spirit Guide of cats…Thank you…

    • Once I had a dream of a cat walking through a waterfall.

      Naran told me like the cat, be courageous to walk through the darkness of life. You will be able to find the way.

  23. Thanks for the reply..Your words have given me more courage and I can now connect to my Cat

  24. Vasanta Vijay

    This is really something that is wonderful. I had to book a ticket to US and for the last few days the prices were really high. I was praying to wolf yesterday to help me in this ticketing with affordable price. Today morning when i saw, the price was very affordable but when i started booking the price fluctuation began and by the time i finished the booking i had to shell out an additional Rs.20k. I was really feeling bad and was thinking that wolf did not help me. After couple of hours just out of curiosity i tried again and this time i saw that the prices came down drastically. I started thanking wolf and prayed to wolf that it should be with me till i finish the booking. i called the airlines and when i asked for cancellation penalty they said that not even a single rupee will be deducted as cancellation charge and cancelled the previous ticket and i could re-do the booking at a substantially low price. Thank you Wolf for resolving my issue…….
    Thanks Naranji for giving us such tremendously useful and helpful remedies to manage the day to day issues.

    Vasanta Vijay

  25. Vasanta Vijay

    Can you please suggest which animal should i call to help me reunite with my husband separated because of lot of misunderstandings and suspicion. He has said he has fallen out of love and does not want to live with me anymore within just 1 month of marriage. How can i bring back the love?

    • For harmony between husband and wife, JELLY FISH is an excellent resource. For total harmony in the family, hang a picture of jelly fish in the house.
      pray to blue whale.
      chant together divine

  26. I havd a big argument with my boyfriend this morning that resulted in us both saying mean things to each other and him threatening to move out. I admit I was wrong and tried all morning to tell him I was sorry but the base level is that there were things that needed to have been discussed and they weren’t so it resulted in the blow-up this morning. I do love him and I know that he loves me and we’re happy most of the time but it’s been a very stressful couple of weeks for us both. What switchwords or switchphrases can I say today at work? I want to be able to return to our home tonight and he’s still there.

  27. I wanted to go to usa for sometimes now, and they keep rejecting me..Can you help this time
    What should i do this time

  28. Namaste narak ji
    We live in rented husband and I are very tensed due to paying rent. My in laws are not giving us our rights. MY sasur ji has given 75 % property to his elder son.My husband is facing difficulty in job too.My brother in law goes for black magic for us as I should not get anything from in laws
    narak ji Plz help me.What should I chant and which animal should I call for getting our property.

  29. Hi Naran,
    I am an live with my husband and in-laws. I have a very close knit family myself and hence relented to staying with my husband, his parents and my mother-in-laws parents too. Now I have a 7 month old son ans still don’t mind living with everyone. My husband loves me as such but gets bursts of uncontrollable anger when he verbally abuses me and my family and says I have not been brought up properly. I belong to a very well-educated and close-knot loving family. He never appreciates the sacrifices I make. His father is extremely possessive of him and is now possessive of my son too. He never lets us spend time with each other and keeps interrupting our conversations. My husband always supports his father no matter what. I don’t mind that but he hates me being close to my parents and family. I really want my parents , uncles and brother to be close to me and my son and also to my husband. Even though they talk to me, they don’t visit often worrying that my husband will trouble me.I just want my husband to love my family and stand by me.

  30. Respected Sir,

    I am going through very bad phase in my married life. I have been married for 4 years.My husband and my mother in law are very greedy and shameless folks. It was a love marriage but the real picture came out at the time of marriage when me and my parents were harassed about dowry,asking me to take loans right after marriage. My husband has never take my financial /emotional /physical responsibility. My husband has eversince misbehaved with my family and insulted them by visiting our and his relatives house along with his mother.Recently also,he left me at my home after misbehaving with my Parents and siblings and is now saying that my Parents should apologies him and then only he will keep me. My husband and his family never have a feeling of regret, they never apologies for what they speak or behave and are not ready to keep me back before my Parents apologies.
    My Parents now don’t want to send me back and even I don’t want them to get on their knees for such a terrible husband.

    Kindly help me with something that can be done to
    1. make them realize their mistakes and their greediness
    2 make them realize that they cannot earn respect if they can’t give
    3 make them apologies to me , my Parents and family for the way they have treated us and be good with me and my Parents and reconcile themselves

    I don’t want my marriage to break. Appreciate your kind words that can help me get through this situation.

  31. Hi naran,
    I am varun I am phd scholar qnd for completion of my phd I need another 8 months leave as I got a govt. Job during my phd course and for getting admission in phd I have studied a lot after lot of hardwork I got selection in phd course and after completion of 16 months I got a job but still my 8 months are left and for getting good opportunities I have to complete my phd I hve tried a lot to higher authorities to get the leave but they denied I dont know how to get the leave but please help me in getting the leave as early as possible. And also I am living in joint family and every time there is quarrel in my house nobody is improving or getting success everybody is just struggling and I was in hostel so I tried and got the job please help me in getting the leave and to bring harmony and peace in my home and to success. I ll be highly thankful to you.

  32. hello sir
    i had applied for MPNP cananda file in year 2014
    got rejection due to my aunty fault in year 2015
    then did appeal in august 2015
    status for approval s assessment complete but yet approaval letter s not in my hand
    after approval letter i had to apply for visa

  33. hi, i am Ashok s jain residing in mumbai, i have one problem with me is that my intution are alway right but at the wright time i cannot apply my intution, sa i am in stock markets it help a lot pl hepl and guide

  34. Hello sir,
    We are intending parents. We blessed with girl and boy. I lost my baby boy forever… I need him back. My intuitions for my baby when he was alive that I will loose him happened. I need my baby boy back. As I have issues to concieve will again go for I more attempt to be intending parents. suggest something to be blessed with baby boy with long life.

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