Good Communication and Understanding


I have another incredible turnaround.

I want to preface this by saying that I have also been using the circle technique to utilize a set of Bach flowers you gave me for releasing old fears and securing a new job. I have also been writing down some of the mantras from your site so I have been close to healing vibes if you will.

In any case I have been in a serious conflict with my boyfriend for a few days – the culmination of a little over a year of disagreement. I have explained to him again and again my views and why I have been upset with him.

For this entire time I have not felt listened to you. Growing desperate yesterday I just remembered the animal spirit guide BLUE WHALE. I asked Blue whale to help resolve the situation because I felt I couldn’t let it go without being understood. It was too frustrating.

Over the next few hours he SUDDENLY started actually listening and understanding what I have been saying. Many things were cleared up! This does not mean we have decided to continue our relationship necessarily but there is such peace for me in knowing that I am not doomed to always be unheard. He also was able to express to me several things which were on his mind.

Thank you Blue whale! Thank you Naran!

Harmony with Husband


I read through your blog “Animal Spirit Guide” wonderful and amazing. This really will help me to release my pile-up loads that were stock up and pressure me all this while. My problem is how I should call them for help in my below situation:

  1. For peace and harmony – my husband use to nag for petty things the moment he gets home and this really annoys kids and me.
  2. Don’t want to have problem inside family how to call upon BLUE WHALE and CHIMPANZEE


“Blue whale, be here in the house with me and my husband and establish harmony here.” say this once daily or whenever the conflict arises. You can say this again and again also.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hello respected Sir,
    When you say call blue whale is it required that i get a picture of blue whale and keep it as a potrait in my bedroom or hall or in my purse or cupboard. What is your suggestion sir.
    All your simple remedies have made our life more easy to lead.Thanks a ton.

    PLEASE suggest remedy for smooth functioning of our factory facing machinery breakdown, lazy and conniving workers,frequent disruption of production & quality problem and to make it worse disagreement and ego clash between father and son PLEASE HELP


  3. rama,
    chant WATER VIOLET (ego clash) HOLLY (conniving) HORNBEAM (lazy), GENTIAN and STAR OF BETHLEHEM over a cup of water and sprinkle in the factory

    or write the name of the factory in a piece of paper keep it in hand and chant.

    Thank the machines thank all the workers. Thank debtors and creditors. thank factory place.

    Thanks will do it and keep you posted.


  5. Avani,
    dare to do. doubts question will never lead us anywhere. they are loops and learn to come out of the loop by daring to do.
    do and share with others what happened.

  6. Dear Guruji,

    Good Morning.

    Which Animal Spirit will help to solve house related problems. i.e., finding good house for rent / purchase / lease / second sales within a short time and also within my budjet. please suggest.


  7. respected sir,
    My husband has a farm , and the road going to the farm has been
    blocked by his neighbour, by putting bricks & lots of other stuff that makes it very dificult & impossible to pass and thus we cannot go to the farm for the last one year, we approached the land in charge officials who also issued a legal order to clear the path , but still that
    person has not removed anything, now the officials are asking us to approach the police but we do not want to stretch so long and want to amicabily settle the matter, though he refuses to talk to us , what should i chant sir? In this blog i read about the blue whale and so i thought i should ask you, also sir this matter is now a year old with no solution in sight …. please help. thanks …khush

  8. khush,
    chant Waterviolet Rockwater Chicory holly mimulus daily 200 times.
    Ask wolf to help you in this matter. “Wolf please help us in this…problem.Please see that he clears the path for us. i thank you.”

    • thank you sir i will start chanting as you have suggested & will keep you informed. thanks

    • Respected Sir,

      As per your instructions i hae been chanting ”Waterviolet Rockwater Chicory holly mimulus”” atleast 200 times daily, but sir the path has not been opened up yet, the police also asked the person to open up , with a solution but till date that is 5/7/2012 the
      path to our farm remains all closed except a little path that only would allow a bike or a person to walk, but no way a car can go
      to the farm.I also called on the blue whale as i have read in one of your blog, could you please help us again sir, now the lawyer is suggesting to meet the collector, of the place, but all this is going a bit too long.
      thanks ….khush

  9. Dear Guru,

    I and my husband are seperated due to house problem. i am staying in my mother’s not allowing to rejoin me with them and not allowing him to stay in my house or seperate near my house. we have been living with struggles for the past 8 years.i don’t want to take legal child.many problems in normal living itself. then how is child possible. main is in-laws.they are not disturbing elder son. if they move to elder son’s house problem will be little bit solved. but not moving.disturbing and spoiling my life only.if i stay in my father’s house he is not assuring to visit daily.saying that i will visit rarely.problem is he is sticking to the budjet. i assure him to share.but not co-operating.i need his co-operation and co-operation from in-laws and all relatives.main thing now is house problem should be solved shortly.decided to purchase a one within my budjet.for that also not co-operating.i am totally confused and afraid about my family life.please suggest remedies to come out of all these problems and enjoy a happy married life with children atleast after 8 years.


  10. radhad
    chant 58 daily 100 times. download a picture of horse and keep it under the pillow

  11. kavitha panicker

    Dear Sir,
    I have a terrible problem. My father has a phobia of snakes and unfortunately my area is prone to snakes.
    till date there were about 5 instances when the snake came. today dad was alone and again one came which was big and he is scared to hell. he is a parkinson patient and this fear makes him worse. Does these snakes tend to give us a message. Also what should i do, so that my dad gets rid of this fear of snake.

    Pls help
    Thanks in advance sir!

  12. kavitha panicker,
    give him the flower remedy mimulus whitechestnut and rescue remedy. put 5 pills of each in a tumbler of water and ask him to sip that every 1 hour.
    Buy also echinacia q put 5 drops in the same water.
    spray this water in the entrances -front as well as back and around the windows

  13. Sir,
    I am having a problem in relationship with my girlfriend. I love her and is being seriously in love with her. I am totally comitted to her and wants to marry her. She also loves me. But I found her busy with some other guys. I love her, and Want her in my life. is there any remedy for this problem, pls refer a remedy for me. thanking you in advance

  14. Aritra Sengupta
    what is that which prevents her from being with you

  15. Aritra Sengupta

    My gf is talking with some of her friendz whom i dislike. they tried to break our relationship, and I fear that they may again try to influence her. so i told her to stop talking with them. But she many a times misunderstands me, And stops talks to me. this upsets me. sir, i want a smooth relation with her . i am very much commited to her. plz help me naranji. I want to marry her. what can i do so that I get continued with a sweet relationship with her without any conflict and misunderstanding. . And also to get to marry her. plz prescribe remedy for me sir.

  16. Aritra Sengupta
    CHANT beech walnut chicory

  17. Aritra Sengupta

    yesterday I had a fight with my gf, and she is not talking with me. when I called her, she said she is not interested to tlk with me.she said she dnt wnt to kp dis relationshp. Its becoming very harmful for my relationship.i really love her. I know she loves me, as her mother called me up and said she is very upset. both our parents knows about our relationship. they want to do official engagement dis yr. so shud i chant beech walnut chicory , or would i need to chant anything other. pls help me guruji. i really want to settle my life with her.
    guruji one more question, how wud I chant chucory…..?

  18. Aritra sengupta,
    are you also one of the blog readers.? Thank you. continue with beech walnut chicory. Add chestnutbud because this is not the first time you are quarelling with her. Final warning to quarrel with her

  19. sir, I have been in a relationship since last three years. But my boyfriend has become careless and has lost attraction. Distance has been created between us. He cannot give me time for his unusual work load also. Sir, plz help me out so that we can enjoy more and more romantic time together and he regains attraction and passion towards me.

  20. N
    chant together divine hole

  21. hello sir,

    i was in love with a guy in my office, now we are parted due to some misunderstanding, its almost 5 yrs now, i tried to solve the conflicts between us but he is not ready to understand me, i want him to understand me, i want him to call me n talk to me pls help me with a remedy, you asked me to chant grose reach (name) to get a call from him, i have been chanting but i haven’t received any calls nor he is willing to talk to me, he still hates me, i have been calling wolf for help still no use. pls guide me sir.

  22. aa
    when you have already parted, why do you want him to contact you?
    if he is not, why are you worrying and wasting your life? is there nothing you can do without him?
    Forget and move ahead. dont get stuck up with one thought one emotion one desire.
    Visit temples of your choice.

    • Sir,

      It is not that i want him back, i just want to talk to him..because he thinks im not a good person, without doing any mistake im getting a bad name from the one whom i loved n trusted more than me.its hurting me a lot, i just want to make him understand and clear all the points and my situation.

  23. AA,
    The reply is given already. go through that and see i have suggested the following.
    Visit temples of your choice.

  24. Respected Sir, I recently connected to your website. I found it so helpful.
    my husband used to love me so much in the beginning of my marriage now for the last 4 years he has completely changed and only listen to his parents. Even if they are wrong my husband always take their side. Every time he takes their side and he leaves me alone crying. He doesn’t care at all. I always remain in tension and because of that my health is going down day by day. He doesn’t listen to me at all. Sir please it’s humble request pls help me so that he can start loving , caring and listen to me 🙏. Seems I am so alone in his world. Pls help me. Thank you so much .

  25. isabella watson

    Respected Sir, I just recently connected to your website.
    I found it so help full. MY boyfriend and I living for 2 years together.
    WE love each other, but from past few days, we fought and living in separate rooms. Can you please help me in this that we are living together and not fight again in future
    please help me sir
    Thank you

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