Just Married

Adjusting to the new family

When the bride goes to groom’s house after the marriage, she can carry the photo of RAT with her.

The Animal Spirit Guide CRAB helps you to quickly adapt to new situations and a new life. For newly married girl, give the picture of Crab. She will understand her husband’s family easily.

Satisfying your partner

When you want to please and satisfy your partner, use the resources of an ELEPHANT.


For harmony between husband and wife, JELLY FISH is an excellent resource. For total harmony in the family, hang a picture of jelly fish in the house.

Child birth

RABBIT: assuming no problem between husband and wife physically – they need to beget a child. Hang the picture facing your bed, so that you could see them first thing in the morning and last thing in the night.

As RABBIT improves fertility in person, it can be used along with PIGEON. Hang the picture of Pigeon in the hall.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Pampi Rajib Prasad Sarma

    Hello Naran Sir,
    Good Morning !
    today i saw a dream of a black cobra. in dream —i poured some water on a black long insect by mistake, afterwards what i see its snake….i was in some hilly top, i saw the cobra down….then cobra became a small boy , i even lifted the boy also..(hugging). i saw 1 more small boy….i saw them in my father’s ancestral house….and 1 more thing i saw distinctly the Phann( head atop) of the cobra….(it is said that in cobras head lord krishna’s footsteps are there….)

    i saw some family member as well,though i dnt remember everything. sir, what can be the meaning for all this. !!! ?

    Please advice me as per your time convenience….as lots others are waiting for their emergeny call and your valuable answer.

    Thank you sir.

    Have a nice day ahead !

    Pampi Rajib Prasad Sarma

  2. Hi Naren ji,

    I am going to get marrieg soon. My engagament is fixed in 2 weeks but i am now in a state of fear that the person may not suit me. When we are talking, i am not at all feeling interested to talk to him, we are just talking for a week. Even i am getting fear to move to london after marriage as he works there. From two days, i am just crying, i just want to break free and stay alone.

    Please help me :(((

    I bought your forgive cd and listened to it when i felt like crying.

    • Hi Naren,

      Help me know whether this match is correct or not and how can i know that he is the person?

      Actually i am already in a stage where im not happy with many relations in my life- family/friends. Lots of disturbances and i became short tempered and negative these days…

    • keerthi,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT HONEYSUCKLE FIND DIVINE ORDER as many times as possible

  3. Hello Naran Sir,

    I have a question about my mariage life. My husband doesnt show any interest in our physical life. He always want to just see the news,cricket and then he want to go and sleep. Please help me. I understand this is not important part of life but, it is a part of life. Sometime i feel he is not fulfilling his married responsibility towards me,

  4. Hello Naran Sir, pls reply.

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