A lazy boy becomes studious

A Chinese mythological story…

A boy was not doing well in class. He was lazy. He used to get up late and had never been to school on time.

One day by chance he got up early. Heard the wake-up call of a Rooster, rather woke up due to it. On a whim he took a decision that he will wake up early like the Rooster and will be the first person to reach the school.

Well, he stuck to his vow, was the first to reach his school, until he completed his schooling, of course.

Moral of the story

Rooster will make you enthusiastic about your endeavors.

Going forward…

So pray to the animal spirit guide Rooster to have enthusiasm and joy for your studies or work. Have the picture of it as your screen saver.

Parents could put up of picture of Rooster, so that their children could study well. How? They do study story books with a great deal of interest. However, when it comes to their studies, they feel bored. But, thanks to Rooster they will develop interest in their studies.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Good Morning. I got married before 7 years. Not yet conceived. undergoing treatment. awaiting for progeny. i am using switch words, mantras, bach flower remedies from your site and also praying, fasting for the same. i have hope that will get it soon. the problem now i am facing is hearing hard words from relations, neighbours. very horrible. not able to tolerate. getting depressed due to this. already lost my mother after marraige. facing many problems in rented house. please suggest remedies to hear good, enthusiastic, encouragable, pleasant words from relations, neighbours and also to shine in life like star.

    the words iam using:
    lalitham srinivasam, lalitham padmanabham, lalitham damodaram
    lalitham sreedaram, lalitham baskaram, lalitham sudarsanam
    sweet chestnut, walnut, mustard


  2. malini,
    add BEECH cherryplum take two pills of each including above one by one. dont mix.

  3. Dear Sir,

    My husband is not willing to come out with me. He is money minded. I want him to become an affectionate husband. We are just five kms. from my parents house. but he will not come their frequently. will be coming for my mother;’s death ceremony only. not even coming for wedding day, birthday to get blessings. please suggest remedies to change his mind and visit mother in laws house frequently. My wedding date is May 13. I want him to come my parents house, temple and any entertainment activities on wedding, birthday etc particulary for this wedding day.


  4. Dear guru,
    Namasthe. I got married in a middle class family. One brother in law and two sister in laws for me. The problem is my in-laws wants to stay with us only. i.e with younger son. elder son is a central govt. employee and earning well and living a luxurious life. myself and my husband are working in a pvt. concern and earning less only. but my in-laws wants to hub money from us only and not from elder son. father in a law is a retired pensioner. but he will not withdraw it for monthly needs. will hub from us. i am ready to take care of them. but wants to share the same. six months with us and six months with elder son. i want everything to be shared. because they want to share the property to all children. they are not accepting this and staying with us only. elder is living happily with his family. here we two are struggling for basic needs and also my privacy and happiness is affected. but they are living happily with two children. in laws are not disturbing them in any way. all with us. please suggest some remedies for this situation. the result which i expect is six months with me and six months with elder. please help.


    • vasanthi,
      Take the flower remedies CHICORY WILLOW two pills each three times daily. chant REVERSE CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINE

  5. Dear Sir,

    My house owner is having rooster, hen as pet birds. The problem i am facing is it is doing dirty works in my portion. i am from an orthodox brahmin family. for some particular reasons i am staying there. hearing rooster, hen’s voice is not problem for me. because i am a devotee of lord muruga. but iam getting irritated for the dirty works done by it in my portion. please suggest some remedies for rooster not doing dirty works in my portion.


    • Pray to Rooster itself. dont think it is dirty. You are given the work of cleaning the toilet of Rooster by Lord Muruga. Cleaning the dirtiness of the rooster is the service to Lord Muruga. Think like this and do daily. When you clean the dirtiness of Rooster, you are cleaned within and you are purified mentally and spiritually. This opportunity is not given to all. do with devotion. When inner cleaning is over, rooster will stop its SHIT. While doing the cleaning of shit chant CRAB APPLE. you can chant crab apple change divine order also regularly when you find time. But you cannot escape cleaning.

  6. Dear Sir,

    From my childhood i have been using Indian toilet. but now i am working and in office it is a western type. iam getting pain in knee joints after using it and it is reflected during walking and getting pain in the legs. please suggest remedies for the same.


    • TAKE THE FLOWER REMEDIES, walnut rockwater hornbeam daily two pills one by one – dont mix – for two times. These remedies are avilable in homeopathy shop. or you can buy from the centre.

    • Gayatri,
      Take the flower remedies ROCKWATER WALNUT HORNBEAM two pills of each three times a day. these are available in homeopathy shop and at our centre. Dont mix the pills. take separately one by one.

  7. Dear Sir,

    In office we are working under fan only. all are expecting Air condition facility in working area. MD is not granting. please suggest remedies to get the same from MD.


  8. Dear Sir,

    Suffering from urinary infection.

    please suggest remedies.


  9. Iam having fear if i see snakes. even in television if i see snake iam getting feared. this is before five years back only. in my school days i used to go to pradakshana in putru and also pour milk in it. but now i am working and getting afraid if i see snakes. afraid to go to temple where naga pradhishtai is there around peepal tree.

    please suggest remedies to get rid of the same.


  10. dear sir,

    i have read about your blogs please help me to how to get inner satisfaction and happiness in life to find a spritual guru.
    as i am 46 already.


  12. hello sir I have 15 backlogs of my past and 6 of present total 21 I have to clear them by this novemebr as I am in my final year I am scared and I am not able to concentrate remember or understand please help me to get passed in all of them with the mantra sir please please help

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