It’s all about Getting Pregnant

1.      Rabbit the savior


Are there are any remedies to get pregnant?


  • If both are clinically ok, hang a RABBIT photograph in the bedroom. And meditate upon it for 5 minutes before going to bed.
  • Take sweet chestnut walnut two doses a day.

2.      Need Divine Grace


I want to conceive and for successful conceiving, can you suggest some remedies to chant?


Hang a picture of RABBIT in the room. Chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, WALNUT” in the night about two hundred times.


Sweet Chestnut and Walnut are Bach flower remedies.

Sweet Chestnut: gives you divine grace

Walnut: will make you get ready to transition to motherhood

Rabbit: the animal spirit guide to get pregnant.

3.      Get Ready to Become a Mother

Pigeon is an excellent and useful bird. It gives you what you need for mother hood. Many ladies have pregnancy problem. One of the reasons for that is that they are not ready for that.

For a woman to become pregnant she needs the help of the animal spirit guides RABBIT and a PIGEON.

Those ladies who do not have children may have their mental pattern as “All other ladies have children, why not me?”

If such ladies come to know that if another woman of their age is pregnant then they cannot rejoice.

They will also have guilt feeling thinking what sin they have committed.

In such situations the message of God is ‘Be patient, have faith and perseverance’.

So all these three qualities one can get from Pigeon.

4.      Thank the Unborn Child


I and my husband are trying for a second baby. We have a 9-year-old boy. We were caught up with life here in the USA and so never thought about a second one.


  • Have a RABBIT picture in the bed room.
  • Thank the child which is to be born

5.      We need blessings of Jupiter

Santhose Kumar

My brother got married 8 years back. Till now he has no child. My sister-in-law is affected by uterus tuberculosis. She takes a lot of medical treatments. She didn’t get conceived. Please give the remedy to conceive and get child. Advance thanks.


  • Ask them to hang a rabbit photo in the bed rom.
  • Write their names and circle it. Around the first circle write “SWEET CHESTNUT JUPITER WALNUT FIND DIVINE child”. Ask them to chant this mantra too.



Jupiter: is for expansion. Here you are seeking expansion of your family

Find Divine: to get the blessings of divinity to get a child

6.      Searching for a solution – going from one doctor to another


 I have hypo thyroid problem, married for seven years, not able to conceive, doctors say no serious complication, but it’s not working.  Have been through a lot of treatments – nothing worked.  Don’t know which doctor to go. Can you please advise me?


  • Hang a picture of rabbit in your bedroom.
  • Both you and your husband should take the flower remedies, once a day – SWEET CHESTNUT, CERATO, WALNUT and HORNBEAM


Cerato:  the Bach flower will show you the way for the solution

Hornbeam: not to get stuck up and move on

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Naran Sir,

    We have been married for 3 years now and trying for the family way but nothing seems to be working our side.

    My husband is under treatment for Oligo Asthenozoozpermia (low count) since April, doctor suggested for a surgery but my husband is not willing to go for it and now he is under ayurvedic treatment for the same and latest report which is a week ago also shows the same as Oligo Asthenozoozpermia.

    What do i do and chant for both of us so that we get the divine blessings and our family expands.

  2. Shubha,
    There is a blog on conception. visit that and know what to use.

  3. sir ,i am a diabetic, and 35yeas of age,i want to conceive ,but my health is the problem and my husband is very particular about my health.its been 7years of my marriage and i had to get an abortion done for the first time as i was not aware due to irregular periods and also i underwent root canal treatment at that time .GOT MYSELF CHECKED BY A DOCTOR SHE SAID THAT I AM IN GOOD CONDITION FOR CONCEIVING ,BUT IT DOES NOT WORK PLEASE HELP ME .

  4. tanya,
    pray to the swathi star.
    chant sweetchestnut walnut hornbeam. hang a picture of rabbit in the bed room

    • How to pray Swati Nakshatra??? And when??
      Can you give us a perfect picture of a rabbit to hang in bedroom.. There are lots of pictures available on internet but I want you to give us perfect picture. I have same issue as Tanya has.. I am also diabetic and trying to get pregnant…!!

  5. Dear Naran,

    In a very unusual circumstance a black rabbit came to cross my path. it was very large! Can it mean something other than being pregnant. I am 100 percent sure I am not pregnant nor do I intend to be.

    The night following I had a dream featuring a hawk.

    Thank you for your help.

  6. gRACE,
    When the animals appear suddenly either in dream or you see them , the message they give is different. Their resources, or what they can do if we call is different. This difference you have to understand.
    Rabbit wants you to be careful for another 3 weeks. Think differently or approach any problem differently.

  7. hi sir,i saw white cobra pic in the paper and saw the same pic 4 times in te same day.i thought it as coincedence and kept tat paper under some dailies.but next day mornin(sterday) my mom took and came te same paper showin it to me.does it mean somethin?
    an owl came and sat in front of my husband’s office sterday night and didn move from there even after takin some pics and goin near it.he waste first one to spot it.does it tell somethin?

    • the owl says “be careful and the snakes says that the past may be repeated. Avoid acting from memory – let go of any ill-feeling carried from the past.

  8. Dear Gurudev,

    Namasthe. Please tell me how to thank the unborn child.


  9. Dear Guru,

    Pranams.Iam living in a rented house.House owner is having hens as pet bird. staying there for more than two and half years.want to vaccate.not able to vaccate because my hubby is sticking to budjet.what does this indicate.good or not. please clarify.


  10. Dear Guruji,

    Namasthe. We have an ancestral property in our village.grandpa has given only some amount as my father’s share.ours is a big family and i have four small father and two should be shared equally and everybody should get equal amount in it.because last small father is claiming that i have taken care of parents and it belongs to me.please suggest mantras so that all gets equal amount. also our family’s unity should not get disturbed because of this.


    • suy,
      do the forgiving exercise for your uncle. Why others did not take care of parents?
      do the forgiving exercise for your uncle.chant NAMASHIVAYAM 2000 TIMES

  11. Dear Guru,

    Pranams. I have a problem in sleeping in new place. i.e.If I go to relations house and stay in night it takes more time for me to sleep.if i come to my original place it is normal.please suggest remedies.


  12. sona,
    when you go somewhere, take 2 pills of walnut – flower remedy – three four times in a new place.

  13. Dear Guru,

    Awaiting your reply. I have already experienced one miracle by praying to wolf. We booked around 10 members booked tickets in train. but it was under waiting list. i prayed to wolf to confirm the tickets.but it was under waiting list until getting in the train. then we requested to TTR that all are going together to a family function.night time and kids are there. first he did not agree.then he agreed.we paid some amount for penalty.then made a call to our relation who is in the nearby station to purchase tickets for the unconfirmed. he purchased and we got it in the next station.our travel was safe and happy. this i want to share to all. likewise iam expecting my number to be selected in this month draw.
    already praying to wolf as follows:
    wolf please select my number 303 in this month draw which is on 18th October 2012.

    is it ok or anymore has to be added.

    please reply as early as possible since only nine days are there.expecting your reply.


  14. Dear Guru,

    In my apartments there is a mentally retard girl and creating lot of disturbances.exit door is common and she is always standing there and blocking the way. always doing unwanted things.please suggest remedies so that i can walk freely without her fear.


  15. mathi,
    chant Mimulus to release your fear. Give her love

  16. Dear Guruji,

    My husband is not giving much importance to his physical appearance.i.e., not properly trimming his hair in head and face, doing it monthly once only.attending a function also coming with lot of hair in head and face.same way in dressing also.always a full hand shirt and pant.not liking designed shirts, teashirts etc., he will be smart looking and fair.but not changing this behaviour.i want him to change him according to my wish in dressing and other physical appearance.please suggest remedies for the same.


  17. sud,

  18. Dear Guru,

    Iam from a brahmin family.nine yards saree is must for important occasions.practising to wear it.please suggest sw or remedies to wear it correctly and quickly myself.


  19. RAGINI

  20. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. I am awaiting child birth for the past eight years.Getting delayed.My partner has problem with has suggested a minor surgery.but delaying it to a couple of months.already delayed and still he is delaying.if i speak anything on this fight only arises.please suggest remedies so that he will do surgery as early as possible and yield good and fruitful results.


  21. renuka,
    may be he is afraid of surgery. Give him the flower remedy MIMULUS two pills three times a day.
    you chant GENTIAN REDCHESTNUT CHERRYPLUM IMPATIENS 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.
    By chanting Redchestnut the other person will think that you have a genuine concern for him.
    Cherryplum to become fortunate “to bear”
    Impatiens for your irrtation over the delay.
    Gentian to overcome the delay.

  22. Dear Guruji,

    Pranams.Always there is misunderstanding between my in laws.Married seven years back.still there is not a genuine understanding.quarrels, fights etc., came seperately.then also continuing.last week i just went to discuss about a personal family matter. dispute father in law said get out. i felt ashamed and cried a lot. always he is fighting with me only.80 years person fighting with me and throwing me out.from the day of marraige he is angry with me.already iam having plenty of problems in my personal that he is a big headache for me.please help.

    • varshika,
      if you can get flower remedies tell me i will suggest some remedies to you. you can take them orally.
      chant i am sorry please forgive me love thanks divine as many times as possible.

  23. Hello Naran Sir,

    We have been married for 3 years now and trying for the family way but nothing seems to be working our side.

    My husband is under treatment for Oligo Asthenozoozpermia (low count) since April, doctor suggested for a surgery but my husband is not willing to go for it and now he is under ayurvedic treatment for the same and latest report also shows as Severe Oligo Asthenozoozpermia.

    And just yesterday we consulted the doctor and they are suggesting us for IVF not sure if this is right thing for us to go for.

    We have the picture of Rabbit and Pigeon in our bedroom and I am chanting “Sweetchestnut Walnut”.

    Is this correct what I am doing?
    Or do you suggest anything different. Please help me

    • shuba
      For Oligo Asthenozoozpermia (low sperm count) chicory is the best remedy. combine it with indigo pills and give him. you have to get the remedies from the centre.

  24. Dear Sir,

    One of my old office colleague wasnt gettting pregnant. They were trying from past 6 yrs. My fren asked me to do Reiki for her. as i’m a reiki level ii student i started doing distance reiki and at the same time asked them keep rabbit photo in their room and asked her to chant the mantras mentioned. Today i got the news that she is pregnant. Very happy about the news. Thanks to you, my reiki masters and divine power. Thanks to each n everything responsible for it.

  25. Hello Naran Sir,

    First of all thank you so much for the information’s that you share about so many things on a regular basis.

    Secondly i thank you again for the guidance that you gave me to attain and cherish.

    By gods grace and your guidance i am sharing this happy moment with you and all of them who visit this blog……..

    On November 20th, 2012 i had written a mail to you regarding me being not able to conceive.

    We have been married for 3 years now and trying for the family way but nothing seemed to work our side.

    My husband was under alopathy and ayurvedic treatment for Oligo Asthenozoozpermia (low count) since April 2011.
    Doctor had suggested for a surgery to my husband which he did not go. and repeated test report showed no betterment.

    At last doctors suggested us for IVF procedure for which we were not mentally and financially prepared to take up.

    I also had problem with irregular cycles.

    After the guidance given by you i had the picture of Rabbit and Pigeon in our bedroom and I chanted “Sweetchestnut Walnut” along with the Bach Flower remedies for my husband, called Wolf for help and with healing modalities.

    Now god opened up his eyes to shower and bless us with the bundle of joy in our lives. I am carrying with 4 months now.

    All the things you suggested have guided us and supported us in all the way.

    Thank you so much sir for your guidance and blessings

    Thanks once again


  26. Hello Sir
    i am new to this site and I had been married since 6 years but not conceived i had gone IUI treatment but no use and they advice to go for IVF and i refuse but there is no health problem in both me and my husband but now past from 7 month i am taking homeopathy treatment and they said i an anemic due to that you are not conceived please advice me what to chant to get conceive soon
    waiting for your reply

  27. Pranam Guruji,
    I am in my 2nd semester 4month,the reason to query here is I am accompained by my Husband here ,as I don’t have parents/closed ones…(In-laws also no support) , I am bit nervous and worried as who would be coming for help after delivery.I am really looking for some divine soul to come and help me who is experienced to handle post delivery care of baby & Mother.I live in Bangalore and have tried looking for nurses..but no success yet.Also I am requesting you to give me remedy on these following:- 1 Normal Delivery–any mantra, mudra etc.
    2 Good baby growth & overall development of baby
    3 recover from delivery and Divine soul help post delivery for baby & myself.

    Please reply .

    Thank you,

  28. my husband and I are married for 8 years now.We are yet to have kids. my husband is taking medicines for low count. can u help with any mantras or healing.

  29. Naran SIr /Mohan Sir,
    its been long time didnt hear you on the blogs.
    i am trying the above remedies for conceiving.
    i wanted to ask whether is it a MUST to consider nakshatras for conception to get virtuous child or we can try on all our fertile period dates?

    please enlighten
    thanking you loads.

  30. I accidentally landed on ur blog, married for 7 yrs now, have under gone multiple medical procedures, there is severe and primary male factor, while the issue is with my husband I seem to be taking the brunt physically with endless injections, scans and insemination, relatives n friends don’t seem to spare me of taunts.
    any simple way out of this mess

  31. Hello Sir,
    my name is surekha and i am from hyderabad. i am new to this site and I had been married since 3 years but not conceived. i have pcod problem because of that i get irregular periods. i am going for treatment from 3 years. i had gone laproscopic surgery (ovarian drilling) 2 years back and IUI treatment for 3 times but no use. my husband count is very good. From 2 weeks i am taking homeopathy treatment for irregular periods. Presently i am taking homeopathy tablets for periods and metformin, folvite, emgra regestrone tablets. please advice me what to chant to get conceive soon.
    waiting for your reply

  32. Sir, its nice to read many of them replying that there problems are solved after reciting mantras.Am 32 yrs old and have irregular periods and now doctors told me that I have thyroid and PCOD . Am also over weight and have high BP.My hair loss is heavy.. I feel i have all disease and get fed up.pls help me from this.I wanted to lead a peaceful life without much of tablets.

  33. namaste guruji

    my name is gayathri dob 14-06-1985, my hub dob: 12-08-1984 marriage date: 02-03-2014 i whant to become mother when i get pregnante. please any mantra or remedies to conceive fast.

  34. I have blocked Fallopian tubes n am trying 2 conceive since 5years. I’m 43years old. Need ur help. Thank u

  35. Siripurapu Manjusha

    Naran sir,
    I have a girl child who is 2 years and now we wanted to have a second kid.
    Can u suggest any mantra or words or remedy to conceive a Baby Boy.
    As we r all girls in our family both the sides of family and we are longing for a boy child.
    Please help me for this.

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